19 October 2014

Sewing on Sunday

This morning, I was grabbed by the desire to take some photos.  Just messin!

Funny how sewing spills out into the whole house!

14 October 2014

Quarter 4 FAL

Finish Along 2014
I'm undecided how to approach this final quarter of 2014.  Should I write everything down, in the hope that something will get done, or just select a few, expecting them all to be finished?  Undecided seems to be my middle name, so lets trawl through and see what comes up!

1.  Baby quilt for Filip
It's basted ready for quilting, and this is going to be a simple wavy navy line, so this will certainly get finished

2.  Baby quilt 2 - boy or girl?

This one just has to be basted, quilted and bound.  Yes, I'll finish this one!

3.  Little Quilts swap
This one has to be finished and off by the end of November, so this is definite

4.  I'm aiming to turn this pile of paper piecing into a cushion pretty soon

5 and 6
A friend has asked me to make 2 long seat pads.  I'm aiming to turn this pile of fabric into butterflies, and maybe I'll persuade her to have one quilt instead of two seat pads. (I don't think they will be a good thing, as they will slip about terribly on a leather sofa)

and I'm going to add a bit of knitting too.  

7.  I knit most of one sock when I was hospital visiting, and I've started the second, so I should be able to finish this without too much problem.

So that's it for now.  Must dash as I have a busy day ahead of me, and the dogs need walking!

11 October 2014

Loose ends

Because I haven't blogged much recently, there are few loose ends that need tying up, for the sake of tidiness!
First of all the last round of Ali's ATC Swap.  The theme was "Getting away from it all" and my contribution was this one

Since our holiday in Gambia a couple of years ago, I have been meaning to make an improv quilt, or mini quilt, inspired by all the colours and patterns that I encountered, which are so different to anywhere else I have visited.   Of course, I've not got round to that improv quilt yet, but thought I could maybe use the idea to make a card for this swap.   I even sewed some of it whilst on holiday in Tanzania this August.

My secret partner lives in a beautiful place on the west coast of America, which is very quiet and peaceful.  I hoped she would connect with the peace of this place in Africa.

And in return Alix sent me this beautiful card

It is a view of Portsmouth, from the beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  It's not an area I know very well, but living in the middle of Europe, I do miss the sea a lot, so this will be a lovely reminder.. Even though we didn't live close to the sea in Engand, it was only 2 hours away to the welsh coast, and we used to take trips with the dogs. It's more like a 5 or 6 hour trip down to Slovinia, which is the closest coastline, but rocky so no sandy beaches.

So that's the end of the 4th round of this swap.  Looking forward to the next one in a couple of months.

I have also joined in the Little Quilts swap, organised by Sara Fielke, which is largely focused on Instagram.   We have to make one of the quilts from the book that she has written together with Amy Lobsiger, and our partner makes us one, based on our preferences.
Swap bee
I'm in Hivebelle and have been allocated my secret partner, and have chosen to make this quilt

I've made the middle and spent this morning with a fan production line going.

I just have to decide on the borders and the colour of the rik rak

At the moment I'm thinking either salmon pink rik rak (if I can get it) or turquoise (if I can't get salmon, and if I can get turquoise) on white felt.

I'm going to have to leave the other things for another day, as I have to go and dig out the projects that will go on my Q4 FAL.  Speeding up to the end of the year now - I can hardly believe it.

04 October 2014

Quarter 3 FAL Tally

Finish Along 2014

I'm pretty happy with my haul for this quarter, although not so good as last quarter.  I  declared 6 projects in my original  Q3 post and actually completed 3, which I'm very happy with considering how busy I've been.  Here is my final finish, a quilt for a little boy born in August.

I made these blocks at when my local quilting group met back in spring.  I was going to make table mats, but then I had an idea that they would make a nice little boys quilt.

You can see in the first picture, that I straight line quilted it in chevrons that cross over the middle section.  It's backed with good old Ikea numbers!  It'll be off to it's new home on Monday.

My other finishes are:
Diamond Falls
Big Stitch Swap

You can see all the other finishes over at Katy's right now

01 October 2014

WIP Wednesday

Usually at this time of year, I'm revving up to do the Blogtoberfest, where you post every day during the month.  It's quite pressured to know you've got to come up with something every day that's not total drivel so this year I'm going to be kind on myself, and not join in. I've been struggling to get back into blogging since summer, and what with that and Gordon just having had surgery on his knee, and things are pretty hectic at work, I just don't want to put myself under that sort of stress.

So anyway, WIP Wednesday.  Yes, I've not joined in with this for a while either!  I'm trying to fit what I can in when I can, so I am making some progress.
First up is a baby quilt for a new niece/nephew due in January.  I tried to keep it neutral, but I think it's a bit girlie, so lets hope it's a niece!

Next is a quilt for a friend's baby, Filip, born in August.

I'm also attempting  bit of hand quilting
This is my first attempt to quilt a full size quilt.  It was a bit wobbly at first.  Still is come to think of it, but it is improving!  And I have the hand quilters badge of honour - a callous forming on my left index finger where the needle comes through to the bottom.  I've tried using one of those sticky pads but I can't tell how far the needle has come through, so I'm persevering without one. I've quilted around the 3 tea pots and about 8 of the 20 something mugs.  And then there's all the stripes to quilt too.  I have a feeling this one will keep my warm throughout the winter!

So I'm linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday, and also, again for the first time in ages, Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced               Fresh Sewing Day