08 February 2011

Bean Chowder

Now I'm not the best cook in the world - by a long way - and my other half tends to do most of the cooking.  But he's away for a couple of days so I'm flying solo and I usually try to cook something I like, but he probably wouldn't.  And I do love soup although, no, I'm not too good at that either.  I know, what could be easier than soup?   Well if you're culinarily challenged, brain surgery is easier.

I saw  this recipe for Black Bean chowder on Posie gets cozy and thought it would make a very nice tea.   I was not phased by the fact I had no black beans, as living in Czech Republic I very often don't have all the correct ingredients (yes, this could explain some of the failures - more of that  another time).  But I did have red kidney beans and white beans, and a few left over chickpeas and sweet corn.   No problem.    I used chillies that I grew myself last year, and substituted them for the jalapenos.    I'm not sure how hot chowder is supposed to be, not how hot jalapenos are, but my chillies are apparently very hot and so is my chowder!   Also I realise now that it's almost the same as the chicken n bean casserole we regularly cook for supper!    I thought that was quite funny, and as I had no-one to tell, I thought it might make a good post.   I did tell the dogs, but they were sulking because they didn't get any chicken!

Update:   Having boiled the soup almost dry whilst writing about it, I have revived it and just finished a huge bowl.  It was delicious and not toooo hot

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