07 February 2011

Hello, good evening and welcome.....

I’ve been agonising for months now whether or not to start quilting. One half of me is really excited at the prospect, but on my other shoulder is the gremlin who says “you’ll never have time” “you won’t keep it up” “no-one will read it”. I read on one blog that the writer committed to writing one post a day for a month. I think I might try this – seems a good way to get into the swing of it.

Why do I want to do this? Mmm not sure really! I think it’s about being part of something. Also I see so read so many blogs where the writer gets so much pleasure in looking back over the past year(s).

What am I going to blog about? Well my hobbies are quilting, knitting and crocheting (winters) and gardening (summers). My husband and I moved to the Czech Republic from Herefordshire, England nearly 6 years ago, and I really should have started something like this then, to record out adventures here. So maybe I can go back over some of our successes and failures. I also love bloggers who link to things they like – books, patterns, pictures, photos, shops etc. I’ve learnt so many things doing this. I also like to see lots of nice colourful photographs, but I’m going to have to improve my photography skills (and learn how to get them onto the blog).

Why Quiltova? Well, all women’s names here in Czech republic end with “ova” and when I was looking for something snappy, my husband came up with this.

My other commitment is not to make each blog too long. So
that should be enough for now. I hope you will enjoy reading my ramblings.

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