21 February 2011

It's.. not.. too... small

Last year I bought a czech knitting magazine, as I thought my czech was just about good enough to manage to follow a pattern.  Actually they are different to an English pattern as there is a diagram of the stitches, and very little written description other than "follow the diagram".   Anyway loved this summer cardigan, so decided to go for it.

Now the pattern was for one size and I wasn't sure if it would be big enough, but I wanted to knit it so, logic and reason didn't come into it.  The pattern and instructions were really easy to follow and the pattern was a pleasure to knit.  I must say following the diagram was easier than following pages of instructions.  But even as I was knitting the back I knew in my heart of hearts that it wouldn't be big enough.  But did I stop?   No.  I knit the sleeves, again knowing they weren't big enough, and then one front.  Only then did I give in to reason.   I even got another cardigan out to measure against it, thinking I might still be wrong

I know it's not blocked but let's face it, it was never going to fit.  And the sleeves were even worse.  I could've tried to add another pattern repeat, but then it would've been too big, and it I couldn't see how to work the front..

So it went.  It was really disappointing, and maybe I'll have another go with some different wool if I can figure out how to make it bigger.

But for now I'm using the wool to crochet this summer shrug.   It was quite hard to follow as it is crocheted from the neck down in one piece, but I've got down to the bottom of the arm holes without major incident.  And I think it will look really pretty, even though it looks a bit like a dish cloth at the moment.   So I'll wait until it resembles an item of clothing before taking any photos!

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