22 February 2011

Meet the animals

Just a quick post to introduce the animals. They will probably play leading roles in my blog (as they do in life), so you may as well know who they are

Lucy & Eliska - the dogs
Both from the rescued from the kennels where we board our dogs when we’re on hols.

Eliska (Elizabeth), but we call her Liska (which means fox) was a 5 week old puppy when we had her. Probably a dachshund/terrier cross but not sure. She’s a doll. Quite well behaved although probably instigates the trouble that Lucy gets told off for. Constantly looks like an un-made bed.

Lucy was found wandering on the Czech/Austrian border. We were told she is a hunting dog which I think is a euphemism for a Heinz 57. She has a beautiful head on a prize fighters body. Mad as cheese. But so loving and I defy anyone to resist stroking those velvety ears.
George and Uncle Bryn (the cats )

George – firstly named after Chicken George because he was afraid of everything, then became curious george. Back to Chicken George at the moment. I was standing on a chair this evening and as I jumped down I frightened him to death.

Bryn – after Uncle Bryn on Gavin & Stacey, because we’re not sure if he’s gay or not. This was doubt was compounded when the vet who was due to castrate him, prepped him up for a hysterectomy!

Budgie and Hazel (The budgies)

Budgie was a Xmas gift from the girls at work. He was nice enough, but I felt he needed a friend. Enter Hazel. Bad Mistake. She is the noisiest budgie in the world – Budgie + Hazel = Enough noise for 7 budgies and enough mess for 3. Sorry no photo of Hazel ...... which speaks volumes

So that's the (current) animals.

PS I have had a nightmare downloading these photographs. Hope it doesn't take me this long in future


  1. Hi Dianne - thanks for posting your first quilt on my blog, I will link to yours and drop by again. Did you re-size your photos before uploading? Mine are always huge and need scaled down with a photo editing tool like Corel or I think Windows has one built in. I always cut mine down to 6" x 4" ad they email or upload so much faster.

  2. Aw your animals are cute! I had to laugh at poor Liska constantly looking like an unmade bed!

  3. I just came searching for your doggy who looks like Douglas, and here she is! Eliska is GORGEOUS! All your animals are gorgeous, but I'm afraid I love the unmade bed look in a doggy, it's just adorable! Love Vanessa xxx