09 February 2011

My first quilt

I’m quite new to quilting and like so many others I’m now hooked.  I do remember as a teenager I started making a hexagon patchwork – by hand, with paper templates and everything.  My sister made clothes to supplement the budget when her kids were young, so I had a bottomless pit of fabric scraps (with hindsight I should never have included crimplene).  But I discovered more interesting things as teenagers do, and it never got finished.   It lay hidden in a cupboard at mums for many years, but must eventually have been thrown away.   What sparked my interest recently was when I came across “oh Fransson”’s blog.  I’d never seen anything like it before – clean,crisp modern quilts made with such beautiful fabrics.  And that was that – I never looked back.  I went on to e-bay and bough a charm pack and used Elizabeth Hartmann’s tutorial to make a charm squares baby quit.

I was really quite pleased with it although I couldn’t sew a straight line for toffee.   I enjoyed the free motion quilting once I had plucked up the courage to go for it, but it is a bit dodgy in places.  
And I was very pleased that I could hand sew the binding so neatly (if my home economics teacher is reading this, see I’m not useless).  I used this tutorial - I love it that you can learn how to do almost anything on t'interweb.

So that was my first one – I think it will always be rather special to me, like your first boyfriend!   I’m only on number 4, but I’ve improved quite a bit already (quilts not boyfriends – sorry!) 


  1. A great first quilt, and wow you FMQ'd it too,congratulations, I'm still too scared to do that in case I ruin my quilt. Elizabeth was a big influence in me going back to quilting, I saw her blog and was hooked. So different from 10 years ago when I originally tried quilting.

  2. Lovely first quilt! The dotty binding works really well and you FMQ'd it too! I've just FMQ'd my first quilt and most of its "interesting" to say the least lol!