19 February 2011

Pretty in Pink

The second quilt I made was for my husband’s niece who was having her first baby in January.  This little girl is going to be spoilt rotten  by her two aunties, as she is the first pink baby to be born in their family for something like 27 years.    All the rest have been blue ones.   So I wanted to make something girlie, but still modern with a bit of attitude.  What do you think .. about the quilt, I know the photos are rubbish!

I took inspiration from this beautiful quilt from Saidos da Concha, which I thought was simple, but striking.  As I have probably said before, and will no doubt say again, I don’t get much opportunity to shop for nice fabrics here and usually buy off the Internet, which isn’t the same as touching and feeling real fabric.  So on a trip to Berlin last year I had a wonderful hour with Linda at Volksfaden and bought some beautiful fabrics there. (she has great fabrics and a really striking website)

The quilt was delivered in January, and by all accounts it’s brand new recipient, Elsie Rose, loves it!

I wanted to give it a name, because I understand that’s what you should do.   My husband is very good at this sort of thing and came up with “Pretty in Pink”.  This just happens to be one of my favourite films and favourite tunes, so decision made.   It has also started a tradition of naming my quilts after songs.   I haven’t done the label yet, as everything I’ve tried looks really naff.   Does anyone have any good ideas of how to make it not look like a 3 year old wrote it?  Any tips gratefully received