16 February 2011


Last week I joined the local library.  So what I here you say.   Well having moved from England to the Czech republic, we have learnt to celebrate these small achievements because they take quite a lot to achieve.

When we came here, we obviously knew that the fact we spoke no Czech at all would make it difficult for us to settle, but we didn’t realise that just living day-to-day lives would be so different.  For example we had no idea how to get post delivered, bins emptied, pay bills, register with a doctor and we couldn’t ask either!    We had a “Man Friday” to help us at work, and he was a tremendous help in our personal lives too, telling us how to “do things”.    But still it was difficult. We waited 3 months for a post box at the end of our road, then another 3 months for it to be fitted! We had endless problems getting a phone fitted at home, then an Internet line, and then getting it all moved to our new house.   So now we feel rather proud of ourselves that we can get things done relatively easily without any much help. 
I have recently started going to a line-dancing group, and my other half has started to go to a gym.   We are also joining a local “citizens group”, mainly to meet new people and for the opportunity to practice our Czech.

And now I am a member of the library.   I so missed this when I first came because I love reading, and the library was one of my favourite places to visit.  I couldn’t see me ever feeling like this about a Czech library, full of books I can’t read.  I still can’t read most of them, but they have a small English section, and quite a good selection of knitting/crocheting/quilting books in Czech.   But I can’t help thinking it won’t be long before I have run out of readable books!  

And the next challenge is …………….maybe joining the local quilting club?

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