28 March 2011

Best album of all time

Whilst waiting for the spuds to cook tonight, my husband asked the question "What is your all time favourite, No 1 album?   Difficult question because there are so many with 2 or 3 brilliant tracks, but if pushed my choice would be Rod Stewart's "Tartan Album".   I would have expected his favourite to be something by Queen, but no it was actually one of my albums - David Bowie's Hunky Dory.  Which started me questioning my choice.   Maybe Tapesty by Carole King, something by dire straits, Beautiful (bleedin') South,or even more up to date, Paloma Faith.   Or my chill out musice by Enya.  What about the Bay City Rollers?

What do you think?  have you got a favourite or is it just to difficult to choose? 


  1. I'm not a great music fan to be honest! As long as I know the words and it has a tune I am generally happy lol!

  2. I just love music and so many genres. I can listen to anything except classical and rap. I just love music. Oddly enough, I don't many albums by their name and can rarely name an artist unless it is something I know well.