27 March 2011

Gardening in March

One of the reasons for starting this blog was to keep a record of my gardening year, so that I can track it back year on year.  So this one is probably a bit boring for non-gardeners.  Feel free to move on but please, do come back.

Over the last two weeks our garden has slowly started into life - a bit behind the UK but we'll catch up quickly.  These photos were taken last weekend and things have moved quite a bit since then

The last picture is a lime which I planted last spring.  I want to keep a record of how big is is now because I don't want to let it grow too big. Excuse the crap in the background.

Seeds sown so far in March

Tomatoes - all germinated and transplated today.  Costaluto - beef tomatoes, Marmade - Beef tomatoes I think, San Marzano - plum tomatoes, Gardeners Delight and Red Cherry, Moneymaker
Peppers - two varieties all germinated
Broccoli - germinated
Leeks - 3 varieties sewed twice because I'm numpty and forgot I'd sown some the week before.  First lot germinated
Butternut squash (saved from one from the supermarket so don't know if it will grow
Spring onions (in the greenhouse)
Carrots (in the greenhouse)
Sweet Peas
Broad Beans
French Beans

Phew.  Not bad really. 

Have pototoes and onions, but can't put them in yet because we are having some work done soon (very soon I hope)on the garden to terrace it and hopefully stop it all washing down the hill. Our Neighbour has already cut the lawn, but he is a bit obsessive, so I think we'll wait until it's actually growing!  Between us we have also sieved the compost from 2 years ago (NB.  don't put in the elastic bands from the spring onions - they don't rot down.), and turned over last years, ready to start a new one.   So far we haven't had much to put in other than peelings etc and grass, but expect to get a bit more this year.

It's great to be out there again,  but we are mindful that the first year in our new house ( 2008)  we had snow in early April.  So don't get carried away.

That'll do until April.  Bye for now

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