08 March 2011

It's a hard life

Just got back from a week's skiing in Austria - don't worry no photos of the holiday.   Skiing photographs are all the same - little black dots on vast expanses of white.  Could be anyone, anywhere.  

When I arrived home, in my post box I found a parcel which was this bag which I ordered  from Pam at Hortensia.  I'm really pleased with it - it's already in use for for lunches post etc to work.   But I'm pleased to say the old one, which was starting to shred bits of rafia everywhere, has found a new use

George is a great one for bags/boxes/bins etc.   as you can see  here and out in the garden

It's a hard life!!


  1. thanks for lovely comment dianne....your ski comment made me hoot

  2. It must be a cat thing - mine likes to curl up in small spaces too! George looks like a cutie x

  3. He's so handsome :) My sister's cat once tried to fit into a strawberry basket (without strawberries, fortunately). She's even taken a photo, you can see it here