24 March 2011

Lily's Quilt-along

I was pleasantly surprised when Lynne posted the next stage of her qulit along, as first stage of sewing the segments together wasn't as hard as I thought.  As this is the first time I'd attempted a Dresen plate, I don't know what I'm doing so I patiently waited for the instructions whilst everyone else surged ahead.  I've got a first class degree in bimbling along without reading instructions properly, and it nearly always ends in tears.

So I did wait, and as I say,  the next step wasn't too difficult.  But I'm glad I did wait because Lily's tips for organising yourself were invaluable.  Without them I'm sure I would've sewn them together wrongly.  However it wasn't without it's crises.   Firstly can anyone tell me why, when you have twenty fairly short seams to sew, the bobbin runs out of cotton half way through no. 20.  Aaargh.  

Now those of you that read this post will know that my old machine is on it's last legs and I hope to get a new one on order at the Prague patchwork exhibition next weekend.   Do inanimate objects like sewing machines have a sixth sense that tells them when they're on borrowed time?   Because now, on top of everything else, it's decided it can't wind bobbins.   But I wound enough by hand to sew the last seem and here it is

Despite all of the above, and the fact that I still have problems sewing a consistent 1/4 inch, straight seam, it's flat!!!!!   Yessss!!!!!!  

And now I understand how quilters have so many different WIP's on the go.   I've got to wait another week for the next stage, so what can I do in between (without a sewing machine that is).

Thanks again Lynne.


  1. First, let me say I can top the bobbin debacle and maybe help. I sewed about ten seams before I realized my bobbin was empty UGH!! and have you considered a bobbin winder. They are fairly inexpensive. It is also possible someone has one you can borrow. Actually, if you were closer you cold borrow mine.

    Second, how about cutting some fabric for your next project so that you are ready when you get your machine? That might keep you busy? Or...maybe a hand project while waiting.

  2. Ooo its fab well done! I've not done mine yet so fingers crossed it turns out as well as yours has!! Have you got any binding or hand applique to do while you wait for your machine? How about some hexies :)

  3. Looks great :)
    Oh, and Happy Anniversary (sorry I'm late).

  4. Looks lovely, and so perfectly circular and FLAT! Hand winding bobins, you poor thing, that must be driving you nuts. Go pretend fabric shopping online, that always cheers me up and kills a few hours (lie, days...)

  5. Yours looks really wonderful and much flatter than mine! Did you post this pic in the Flickr group (I can't remember - so many lovely circles!)

  6. I hope you have fun sewing machine shopping! The dresden is lovely!