31 March 2011

Mug rug - or is it a snack mat?

I have been following Mug rug madness hosted by Erin at Two More Seconds.  I haven't actually made any of these yet, but Erin's post "the when of mug rugs" made me laugh.   I'm new to quilting and one of the things I have to learn is to find as many interesting, inventive and humerous ways of justifying them.  Well maybe not justifying them, but not feeling bad about my ever increasing pile of quilts etc.
I digress.  From Erin's post,  I did find my way to this mug rug tutorial at a I'm Just a guy who quilts.   I thought it was striking so I had a search through my (very small) stash, and found some material I bought many moons ago when I had a go at crazy patchwork.  And here's what I made

It's a bit wrinkly here and there but there again, so am I.   And it was good practice for straight lines and accurate seams - some are better than others.   I'll definitely have a go at a few more.

I'm happy to call mine a mug rug.   I know some of you have a problem with that but to be honest I'm not really sure why.   It's got to be something rude!


  1. Looks good! Now you just need to decide which snacks to put with it! Something with chocolate would look good lol! :)

  2. Beautiful! Your stash can't be that small if you were able to pull such a coordinated combination. Love the polka dots!