18 March 2011

My first Quilt-along

For the first time ever, and without the aid of a safety net, I'm joining a QAL - over at Lily's Quilts.   I've never tried making a dresden plate before and the mechanics of sewing a curved line defeat me.  Although I seem to get curved lines when I'm trying to do straight ones, so maybe I'll find it easy.  I'm not doing the whole quilt mainly due to lack of fabric and a dodgy sewing machine, so I though I'd make a cushion cover for the lounge.   I've some Monaluna fabric tucked away for a while with a lounge cushion in mind as it's the perfect colour and the circley fabric fits in with my curtains perfectly.  I don't have any background fabric yet, but I may be able to find something locally.

So here is so far

But is is HUUGGGE. Much bigger than I though it would be.   I suppose that's just me being stupid and a little inexperienced.   What was I expecting when each piece is 9" deep?   Anyone any ideas on what to make with it? 

I'm more than a little daunted by all those of you on flickr who are already sewing it up!  At the time, Techo-girl here was having trouble printing the templates.  But I'm looking forward to learning how to do it.  Thanks Lily for taking time to do this.


  1. First of all, I love your fabric choice. If it matches your curtains, why not do a nice wall hanging for that room?
    Second, you are not the only one who gets curved seams when trying to sew straight. LOL
    Finally, don't be daunted by those that have worked ahead. You are ahead of me...I haven't even cut my blades out yet. I will get to that this weekend (maybe??).

  2. Fabrics are lovely, love the scooters! I've just cut my blades and yes it's massive lol which I was expecting but still huge as you say lol! I'm not sewing anything yet either!

  3. I like your choice of fabrics, too.
    I think a wall hanging would be nice. Or maybe a huge soft cushion and then, if you have some more fabrics, a matching smaller one?

  4. I love your choice of fabrics, I have some of those in my stash.
    I have been quilting for a little while and even though I knew how big it was, it still looked huge when I laid all mine out. I'm now thinking I'll only make 4 blocks.
    Don't worry about people racing ahead, there are still lots of people that have only just chosen their fabric. I won't be racing ahead, I'm not sewing anything yet either.

  5. Your fabrics are gorgeous. I too was surprised at how big the block was when I'd cut out my dresden leaves. I'm just doing the one block and think I'll make it into a cute wallhanging (it's quite easy to put a wee hanging sleeve on the back). You're doing great. P.s. My husband & I have v.fond memories of a wee holiday in Prague a few years ago - beautiful city. Jxo