26 March 2011

Nachtsmarkt, Vienna

Yesterday afternoon, we popped down to Vienna.   I just love saying that, and even after living here for five years, it still gives me goosebumps.   I thinks it's something to do with being English and living on an island where everywhere (except Scotland and Wales) is "abroad".  Living in the centre of Europe, several capital cities are only a short train ride or car journey away, and it seems so exotic.  We can be in the centre of Vienna within an hour on the train.

Anyways, we were taking a friend to the airport so we decided to stop off at our favourite place in Vienna, the  Nachtsmarkt.  It is open every day except Sunday from 6am to 6pm, and is a wonderfully colourful, noisy cosmopolitan place.  If you listen, you can hear many, many languages being spoken, by the customers and stallholders alike.  And the food you can buy is wonderful.  There is such a variety of product from all over the world, and all presented so beautifully.  I took a few photies to show you




and (look away veggies) hams and salamis

There is also a colourful array of olives and stuffed peppers, onions, tomatoes, figs- I took a picture of these too, but the reflection on the counter is even worse than the one above.

We used to buy lots when we were there, but in all honesty it is very expensive.  So we try to limit it to a few specials.   Home made fresh ravioli, 2 year old serrano ham, a
nice bit of cheese (Czech cheese is rubbish), and a few of those stuffs things I mentioned.   I could've bought loads of fruit and veg, but I the everyday stuff is half the price at home, so it has to be something we can't normally get.  Oh and there are a few small shops that stock indian/chinese ingredients that we can't get at home, so we stock up on these too.

Then we stopped for something to eat.  There are hundreds of cafe's and restaurants to choose from, with food from all over the world.  I generally need one with a toilet by this stage!  Here's a photo looking down the market from the restaurant we chose. 

It's very relaxing just watching the world go by, but with the car park being 4 euros an hour, we did cut it a bit short!

All in all a great couple of hours.  We love mooching through markets, and unfortunately we rarely get them in Czech, so this is a real treat for us.  If you are visiting Vienna, it's well worth taking the time out from the usual sight seeing.  On a Saturday there is a huge Flea Market too.  But as I said, window shopping is recommended as it is very expensive.  Well we think it is because we're used to Czech prices.  I've lost touch with UK prices now, so maybe for you it wouldn't be too bad.


  1. Thanks for the visit to the markets. I find it so interesting looking at other countries and not just the touristy stuff. Being in Australia we are even more isolated than England. Europe would be so different with country borders close by. I have been to India but nowhere else...yet.