20 March 2011

A revelation and the essentials of life

You know every now and then you get one of those moment where the light bulb clicks on and all becomes clear. Just had one of those.

I've just cut the skinny strips for the QAL below, using my new ruler.   Why should this make a difference?  Well it's in inches.   Yes I know you've all got one of those so why the excitement.  I will explain.  I started quilting whilst living here in Czech Republic, so my ruler was purchased locally and is therefore in centimetres.  Cutting out has been a long laborious process involving converting inches to mm, then trying to get an accurate cut for something that is 63.67mm (or similar).  I tried putting tape on the ruler - that didn't work, and I have often resorted to making templates from card.  It's also nearly impossible to cut squarely because there is no definite edge to work to.  But today I cut 12 1"x10" strips in a matter of moments and they are a) largely accurate and b) largely squared up properly.  Result! 

Actually if any of my readers are from mainland Europe, you will probably have experienced the same problem.   I have bought a couple of quilting books in Czech, which are translated from the original English, so all the measurements are in inches and yards.   I grew up with imperial, but am comfortable with metric, but swapping from one to another gets very confusing.   I managed to get the inch rulers because my sister in law drove down to Austria for our skiing holiday so I ordered  lots of essentials and half of Amazon's stock so that she could bring them down with her.    As well as quilting essentials she brought a few life-savers - brown sauce, bovril, PG Tips, salad cream and quite a lot of cadbury's chocolate.   Things you just can't live without.


  1. I could not live without my PG tips. I'm addicted lol! I bought a ruler in cm's to start with, I soon bought one in inches. Now I have 3 in inches, my cm ruler never gets used!

  2. What are PG tips? I am almost afraid to ask...LOL

  3. Hahaha PG Tips! Anyone who came to visit us when we lived abroad had to bring Tetley :-)

  4. For those visitors from outside the UK, PG Tips is Tea. Our national drink. Without which Britain would probably sink beneath the waves, or fall into ruin.
    However Sarah, it was Typhoo that put the T in Britain!