13 March 2011

Spring? What's that then?

I keep reading on other blogs, mainly in UK, that Spring is on the way.  Sadly, although the weather here has been quite warm lately, there are few signs of the arrival of spring.

My daffs are just about poking through and I noticed a few tulips this afternoon too.   I saw some snowdrops and crocuses whilst out walking the dogs yesterday too.   But everything else seems staying well wrapped up.   But once spring does come, it comes fast.  And I'm trying to get ready for it. 

I cleaned out my greenhouse yesterday - here it is ready to go (George is ready to help in the corner).  I am very proud of my greenhouse.  I only got it last summer so it hasn't seen much use yet, just a few perennials I sewed last autumn and some coriander that I over wintered there, but it will be filling up this spring.  I think you'll find me in here a lot.

Anyway, due to lack of spring activity outside, I'm going to cheer things up with this fabric I bought last week

I have been known to moan about the quality and design of locally available fabrics but maybe things are changing.  I found this at my local haberdashery-type shop.  I believe it's Czech fabric, and  it's not a fine as fabrics from Japan and the US, but hey, it's really cute.  And the colours are much brighter than they seem here.   I am working on improving my pictures, really I am, but I usually do them in such a rush, instead of taking time to get it right. Anyways, I think I might make some bunting for the dresser.   Over here in Czech, Easter decorations are as popular, if not more so, than Christmas decorations.  So when in Rome.............

Will post some photos when I've done it.

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  1. Isn't it strange that different places hype up some holidays more than others! Like you say though when in Rome... lol love the sheepies!They are very cute :)