14 March 2011

I won! I won!

When I got back from holiday last week I had a message from Linda at Volksfaden to tell me that I had won this Anne Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric.

Was I excited, or what?  The first give-away I have ever won.  Previously I've not been too sure about this collection of fabric.  It is very hyped-up and, never having seen it in real life, I wondered if it would live up to it's enviable reputation.    It arrived the other day and I can confirm it most certainly does.  It's vibrant and fine, and I'm most certainly going to have to buy some more from Linda.  I especially love the bottom one, and I have a skirt pattern I would like to try in this.  However, it's a few years since I made any clothes so I'm a bit rusty.   I need to try it out on a cheaper fabric I think.   Also the pattern is a one that I bought here, and despite it having English on the outer packaging, the instructions are not in either English or Czech.   Looks like I'll have to resort to French.

Pop over and check out Linda's shop.  As well as having a huge selection of fabric (I've actually seen it and it's like a sweetie shop for grown up ladies) her website is super-cool.  If any of you readers are stuck in a the back-woods of Europe with no good fabric shops, it's a good place to go.

Thanks again Linda.  It was a very generous give-away.

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