23 April 2011

Big Little George

Despite not really having time, when  Lynne at Lily's quilts started Big Little George, a tutorial for paper pieceing, I thought I'd have a go as it's something I've never tried before.    As I said in a previous post, I had a few problems with it early on, and unfortunately, it never got much better!  I think I must have some problem with spacial awareness, or maybe a block between the left side of the brain and the right, but if I stitched one together back to front, I must've done it 10 times.   Then of course there were the pieces of fabric I cut too small, and I very nearly cut through the paper or the previous piece of fabric whilst trying to trim every thing. My little stitch ripper was smoking!   I eventually got my act together and stopped flapping and actually it's turned out OK.

Let's hope all those pointy bits and seams line up when I sew it all together.

Thanks Lynne for the tutorial - I'm just not sure paper pieceng is the right thing for my one dimensional brain!

Right - I'm off out into the garden for the weekend.  I shall be staining fence panels for the new fence, sewing and planting in the veggie patch, and re-planting our retaining walls with all the plants I took out 3 weeks ago!  Then I shall be collapsing with a glass of wine.

Have a nice Easter everyone


  1. Have a lovely weekend in the garden. I think your Big Little George looks great but understand your ambivelance to paper piecing as it is something we share. Happy Easter!

  2. Your block is looking good, I have to get back to mine. Enjoy your garden!

  3. Dianne,

    I can't get my email to be nice to me so using this as a message board instead. Hope that you enjoy the salad today and that you think it is as good as I do. I am sure that the cut of meat you got will work great. Just cut it against the grain and it will be just as good as any piece of skirt.

  4. Happy Easter. Your Big Little George looks handsome, and you should be even more proud of it as you've managed to overcome the problems :)