11 April 2011

Gardening in April

The weather here has picked up, although it has been VERY windy her up on Windy Ridge.  The greenhouse is filling up nicely, although many of the plants I wouldn't normally start off in the greenhouse, they would go straight into the ground.  But at this moment in time, my veg patch looks like this.  

We are having some work done to level off the ground and improve the ground drainage.   Hopefully it will be finished within a week or so, then most things can get planted up without losing any time.  That's the theory anyway.

The sweet potatoes I started off in February have begun to shoot.  

It's a slow process and you have to be patient.

And the mahonia is out now

And the best news for me is that my new Wysteria, only planted last spring, is going to flower - well I think it's a flower anyway.

We had one at our house in England that didn't flower in 5 years.  I think it was because the previous owners had planted it on a north facing wall.  Anyway, it got the chop I'm afraid.  It was a source of amusement to my neighbour, George, who had a Wysteria that flowered beautifully on the same north facing wall.!

And the fruit trees are beginning to blossom. This is my apricot tree

That's it - one solitary blossom.  I don't have very high hopes for fruit this year, but it's a start!   The apples, pear and plums are in their second year and so I expect a little more effort from them.
And finally an update on the greenhouse

Celery - germinated (very small!)
Butternut squash germinated
Spring onions - germinated
Carrots germinated
Parsley not yet germinated
Sweet Peas germinated
Broad Beans germinated
French Beans germinated
Potatoes chitting in the greenhouse.
Seeds sewn this weekend - Sweet corn, Courgette

Spent most of the weekend painting preservative (two coats) onto a huge pile of wood that my husband is turning into a fence.   BORING.   And now I'm off to paint it all again with wood stain.   Even more boring!

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  1. Judging by that greenhouse you're sure going to be eating well! Sounds great :-)