14 April 2011


A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway to win 3 FQs of fabric and a "surprise" present at pings and needles and would you believe it, I won.    Post takes about a week to get to Czech from the Uk, so I was checking my post box every day in anticipation.  And yesterday it arrived.  These are the 3 fabrics I won

I don't know what I'm going to do with them at the moment, but they are a welcome addition to my small, but slowly increasing stash.

and this is my surprise pressie

Isn't it it great?   It's already in use and my husband loves it because
a) it's big enough I should be able see it OK.    This is a rather snidey comment because I bought a really pretty swatch watch, the face of which is black and silver with silver hands and no numbers,  and I've never been able to see it properly.
b)  maybe I won't drop pins on the settee and all over the floor now! 

Thanks to Sarah for the photos - her hands are much younger looking than mine!

If you don't know Sarah and her blog, I should hop over if I were you.  I found her when she wrote a piece about blog etiquette. She is very funny and quilts a good quilt too.  

Thanks again Sarah

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