17 April 2011

I'm still waiting..........

I detect I'm probably losing my quilting audience because I'm not posting any quilts at the moment (and lets face it, that's probably the only audience I have!).   Well I'm still waiting for my new sewing machine, and the old one is really only capable of short bursts of energy, so I can't sew much.  I was told it would be two weeks, which to be fair is only just up, but two Czech weeks tend to come out a bit longer that the standard 14 days.  Anyway hopefully it'll be this week.

In the meantime, I have got stuff stacking up to do.  There's my summer picnic blanket, Beyond the Sea, just waiting to be quilted

(photographed at around 8 o;clock this morning)

And a cushion to match

Then I started Lynne's QAL at Lily's Quilts.  I don't want to  go any further till I've got a machine that will stitch s-l-o-w-l-y and will stop with the needle down.  This is how far I got

And then Lynne came up with Big Little George, and despite the fact I told her I was too busy, she still posted it and I still joined in.  I've never done paper pieceing before so I couldn't not do it could I?   Here's the first quarter.

All was going well until I sewed one piece on upside down and back to front.

And then bugger me if I didn't do it again on the second section.   I threw it down in disgust then. 

I was't sure what to do with these, but we have two nice looking but extremely uncomfortable wooden garden chairs, so I think I might make these into padded seat pads for them.  .

I've also cut this out to make a baby quilt.   It's not really a design, but I did make it up myself 9Not very good photos, sorry)

I've called this one "Sweet Dreams"  I'm not sure whether to use the pink or the brown as the binding. What do you think?

And then finally, I really do feel as if I've designed this one myself. 


It's another baby quilt/play mat.  It's not complicated (I can't do complicated yet) but I've tried to follow advice from fellow quilters.  I've worked through the process of starting with an idea - the applique sun (first time for applique too), and I just picked out a few blocks to go with it.  I rejected several until I came up with a combo that I thought worked.  And as soon as I saw the finished plan, I thought "Happy Days".   I'm going to use this yellow and green spring fabric I bought locally a few weeks age,

So that's my WIP (quilting anyway - I have loads of crochet and knitting to bore you with).   Hope you like it and stay with me to see how it pans out.

PS   Sorry to be a nobby no-mates. but I've still got two free places here on my Handmade - pay it forward.  If you know anyone who might like to join in, give them a nudge in the right direction.




  1. Phew, your new machine will get a workout when it comes! Everything looks lovely, like your fabrics and your baby quilt design will be super.It must have been sew things on back to front week cos I did the same thing to 4 pieces - duh!!
    Don't count this as a Pay it Forward cos I'm already in it elsewhere. This blog life gets busy doesn't it?

  2. Everythings looking great! I'm really looking forward to you getting your sewing machine too ;-) I rather like the pink with the mini quilt. Brown goes nicely too, I just like the pink a bit better. And yay to happy days!