26 April 2011

Nothing happening

It's a quiet day in the Quiltova household.   It's raining so no gardening happening, just a bit of pottering in the greenhouse.   I started some sweet potatoes chitting back in february, and bery dissappointingly, I have only had two shoots off the three potatoes.  I've taken the shoots off the tubers, and potted them on, but we're not going to get very much off two plants.! 

 I can almost hear all the plants sighing with pleasure as the rain has been falling since last night, but it's quite a gentle, but soaking rain.    Should be good for rotovating and planting after a couple of days.

Off to bratislava airport this evening to collect friends from the UK so there'll be very little quilting or blogging activity, although I am hoping I can get them in the mood for a little gardening.  If it stops raining, we off cycling tomorrow and a trip to Cesky Krumlov on Thursday.   Also no doubt there will be plenty of relaxing and drinking wine/beer.   Will report if there's anything of interest.

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