05 April 2011

Prague Patchwork Meeting

Have been away for a few days hence the lack of posts.   It was a joint weekend to celebrate out 30th Anniversary and also for me to visit the Patchwork exhibition in Prague.   I had a lovely day, and there were some amazing quilts, but of course I never took the camera with me did I?   The range of fabrics available was dissappointing,  as I thought it would be - very traditional, with very few modern amercian fabrics.   I did however manage to spend quite a bit of money.


I have bought this fabric to join in the Supernova quilt along in  freshlypieced'sblog, but honestly there isn't enough.  I need another 10 or so FQ's.  This a mix of RJR fabrics - Everything but the kitchen sink, Mamma's apron strings and something doggie - which is a couple of years old.   The colours are sort of chalky, muted, and is just what I want for a quilt for our bed.   But now I'm stuck either trying to get some more or finding something else to match.  I need more pink, blue and gold, and then some green.  Does anyone have any ideas?

I also bough this Michael Miller fabric.  I have no particular use for it but have always liked it

The I bought this buttony material just because....

And then finally I bought this girlie fabric to have a go at making another baby quilt.  It's Itty bitty Bella from Marcus fabrics

And last but certainly not least I have ordered a new sewing machine.    It'll be here in two weeks - that's two Czech weeks so who knows when.  It's this one, and frankly, I can't believe that it's going to me mine!   Unfortunately I've got to go for my lesson on how to use it IN CZECH!!.  That should be interesting.   Needless to say I'm rather excited.

Well, I'm sorry the photos aren't very good.  To be honest, I find it a bit of a drag setting up the photos, then downloading them onto the laptop, then onto flickr, and onto the blog, only to find they're crap.  There has to be an easier way than I'm doing it, and I'm going to have to be a bit more inventive with the setting (these are on the worktop in the kitchen) .    How do you deal with it?


  1. Not too hot on the photos myself so cant help there I'm afraid! Nice stack of fabric there, especially like the buttons and the girly prints :-)

  2. Hi Dianne, Just popped over to find your blog after you found mine! I love those Michael Miller fabrics. One day I will buy a sewing machine and have a go... but at the moment we live in Brunei where there are lots of good cheap tailors, so I just use them if I buy nice fabric.