08 April 2011

Stylish? Me? Apparently

I was very pleased to learn last week that Sarah at Narcoleptic in a cupboard had awarded me the Stylish Blog award.   Sarah is exactly what it says in the title, and , and like me is fairyly new to quilting.  Because of her narcolepsy, she had a very unique view on life and quilting.     Thank you for the award Sarah.  

The "rules" that accompany this award are to

1.  Link back to the person nominating you
2.  List 7 things about yourself
3.  Then pass the award on to your 6 recently discovered great bloggers.  

Actually I'm going to cheat a little here.   I'm doing the first two but not the third.  There are several reasons for doing this, but the main one is I found it very stressful to decide on 6 blogs, and then pass on the award.  I know that sounds stupid and feeble but blame the menopause.  I find stupid things stress me out now - things that NEVER would have before.  And I NEVER thought it would happen to me.  So I make a point of avoiding things that stress me - the only way I keep my sanity and also my husbands.   Don't worry girls, it may not happen to you.  (You may just get fat, lose your confidence, lose any sense of how to dress and sweat a lot - nothing much really)

Well here are 7 things that I don't think you will know about me.

  • I once met John Wayne.  Well he was in a taxi and I got his autograph (circa 1975)
  • I am allergic to hairy caterpillars and very probably seafood.  Not 100% sure about the second but not about to put it to the test as I was very ill after the last fish pie I ate and all the others who ate it were OK.
  • I am a lacemaker and was once treasurer of the Lacemakers Circle in the UK.  I still have my bobbins and cushions, but don't do it these days.
  • I love books and libraries.   I know everything is available on line these days, but for me, it ain't as good as the real thing.  I do hope current government cuts in the UK will not see the end of libraries.
  • With my husband, we run a company in Czech republic and have 14 employees.  We're both very proud of this.
  • In 30 years of married life we have lived in 11 houses, and owned 6 of them.
Not exactly riveting is it?  
Hope you forgive me about passing the award on, but there are hundreds of blogs there that give me huge amounts of pleasure, so thank you all of you!

PS I also received the Leibster Blog award  a few weeks ago from Shiela at Blue Patch Quilter and for much the same reason I didn't pass that on either.   Thanks Shiela - it was very kind of you

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  1. Too funny. I am reading your back posts in your blog and love your comments on the menopause. I am 47 and just waiting for it to happen. Oh yippee! So much to look forward to. I am still in shock to find out that it is quite common for your body to start springing spare random hairs out in odd places and that grey hair comes in wirey. Right flipping laugh. I just hope that my husband survives because in all likelihood he will have two children in puberty the same time I am in the menopause. Woohoo!