25 April 2011

Whipping Monday

Here in the Czech Republic Easter Monday is traditionally the day when the men go out with pussy  willow whips like this one.
called a Pomlazka, and visit the homes of female relatives and friends to whip  bottoms (or legs), and also partake in a drink or two (It'd be rude not to).  Pity the poor ladies towards the end of the morning!    It's not likely they'll call on us but just in case we went out for a walk with the dogs!
Well the rain has driven me in from the garden, not having achieved anything like I wanted to.  All I seem to have done is stained bloody fence palings, but the fence is half finished and looking good.  The rotovating of the veggie patch was  abandoned because the ground is so dry it's like cement.  It should rain tomorrow so that will soften it up a bit.   We did replace some of the plants that didn't survive winter.   A new cherry tree, a new rosemary bush, a new lemon thyme and a exochorda racemosa (never heard of it) to replace  another shrub that I don't know what it was called, but it's not called anything now coz it's dead!   We also planted a betula pendula ( weeping birch) on the front lawn next to the fence. 

Weeping beech on right

My view from the kitchen window - hopefully it will hide the scutters garden at the bottom

Thunder now rumbling around the town, so I'm moving my paint station to the garage to continue for another hour or so.  Hope you had a good easter


  1. Whipping Monday... sounds like fun... Kinkiest tradition I've heard of!

  2. I would be so tempted to get a whip of my own and turn the tables! From the photos it looks like your house is in a beautiful location. And when the plants are in, and the fence all stained you will be able to sit back and enjoy the view!