02 May 2011

19 hours and counting

Oh yes, I am most certainly VERY excited.   Tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 pm I am off to collect my new sewing machine.   I have been a very good, patient girl, pretending it doesn't really matter,  but   IT DOES!!!   I will have a lesson on how to use it, then  tomorrow night I shall be sewing.    I have told my husband he is cooking and then he can watch as much rubbish telly as he likes, because he won't see anything of me!

On to other things, we had a super week with our friends from England.  We had lots of nice food and drink (too much of both actually), a great bike ride, a few nice walks, and lots of relaxing and laughing.   Liz and Brian have their frequent visitor card, in fact they house/dog/cat sat when we were on holiday two years ago, and they're back again in September.   Many of our friends are mega stressed in their every day lives back int he UK, and it's great to  invite them over and see them relax.  I'm not a natural hostess - I worry that not much happens here, and our visitors will be bored, but I have come to realise that's why they like coming, apart from our company of course! 

Here's a couple of photos

Typical czech - potentially really beautiful, but just not finished yet.  Come back in 2015

If you look really hard, you can see a stork in that nest

Well I'm off now, but next time you hear from me, I will be the proud owner of a new sewing machine.  Of course she will have to have a name (Assuming it's a she - they all are aren't they?)   Do you name your sewing machine?



  1. how exciting.....share asap

  2. Oh, how exciting. Have a terrific time tomorrow. What machine did you get? Tell all, please.

  3. Sounds like a perfect retreat-visit for you friends. Now you can relax and focus on your new treat. Looking forward to updates on your machine and the projects you make with it.

  4. Yay! A new baby!
    At the moment mine isn't getting called very nice names, it is playing up again for the 2nd time in 6 months....but that is enough complaining.
    Enjoy your new machine!

  5. Can't wait to read your impressions on the new machine.
    It's funny, but since mine is a singer I think he's actually male ;)(of course that's due to the fact that nouns have gender in Polish and singer looks like masculine - bernina would certainly be a she)