03 May 2011

Bum bum bum bum!!!!

Had a phone call this morning from the lady at the sewing machine shop, apologising profusely that she is ill and can't do the lesson today.   Bum!   I'm devastated ... well not devastated, but very dissappointed, bordering on deflated.   She will have to wait for the antibiotics to work, then call me to rearrange.  Bum!

Thanks to all of you for being excited with me - we'll just have to postpone the party.


  1. Oh POO! I was so excited for you... cant you get the machine and get a lesson later?!

  2. Too bad, I am with Sarah, can't you collect the machine and work with the instruction book until she is better? Or maybe it is just better to be patient, not always something I am good at.

  3. Bum! It needed to be said LOL