14 May 2011

Crochet top

Quite a while ago, I blogged about this cardigan which I had just frogged because it was too small.    This is the summer shrug that I made with the wool.  I was a little concerned that it looked a bit like a dishcloth, but now it's finished and blocked, it looks a little better, and is nice and easy to wear.


I swear that these photographs have distorted the size of my bum and arms,  and exaggerated the double chins. 

But back to the shrug, I'm afraid the sleeves are all wrong.  There were only two size instructions, and although I made the small/medium, when I came to the sleeves, the hole I had to leave just didn't seem big enough for my arms.  So I made the arms for the large size, which is fine at the top.  But the bottom of the sleeve is so big it flaps in the breeze and make my arms look really chubby.   Which they're not.  Well they are, but not as bad as this makes them look.   I'm not sure what to do with it.  I'm thinking they would look a bit better if they were longer, so I might try again but reducing the number of stiches as it comes off my shoulder into the sleeve proper.  Hey that sounds quite professional.   No idea how I'm going to do it though!   Maybe just rip it back and have capped sleeves.    Anyone got any ideas?

I have had a few hours with Valerie, my new machine, and we are getting along famously.     It's so much easier to keep a straight line and a 1/4 inch seam, although there are still disasters.   She can't be held responsible for me sewing the wrong pieces together can she?Will update you with what we are making when I have a little more time (and I have some photos).

I did have a marathon planting session in the garden this morning before the rain arrived.   30  tomato plants and 17 peppers.  Yes, way too many for the two of us, but I always grow spares in case some don't germinate.  And they always do, then I can't throw them away.   If I plant too many tomatoes, then I have to plant too many peppers too, then I have the right proportions for the tomato sauce for the freezer!

Just off to the airport to pick up some friends who are staying with us for a few days.   Will try to sneak a few hours when everyone else is snoozing in bed in the morning.  

Take care


  1. You do realise that most of us out here would love to have a bum and arms the size of yours. Cardigan looks great. Woman in it looks even better!

  2. Yep I agree with susan cardi looks fab, I don't see any chubby arms so I'd leave the sleeves be!