21 May 2011

To do list

Oh dear, the blog has been rather neglected for a while - hope it's not going the way of all the other diaries I've started and failed to finish.  My excuses reasons are as follows:

1.  Busy week last week, customer visit
2.  Friends visiting from UK Sat - Tues
3.  I've been going for phsio on my back for the last two weeks and having been pummelled for half an hour, I then have to do lots of excercises and make a real effort to sit up straight (I'm a sloucher I'm afraid),  by the end of the day and feel as if I've been run over by a bus
4.  Had a tooth filled yesterday which throbbed all night.

So, I have been blogging now for nearly 4 months now.  Maybe time for a little introspection. At first I wanted to be bright, witty, interesting, join in with everything and  have lots of followers.  Yeah OK, so let's forget that -  NOT POSSIBLE.    I think that now I've sort of found my comfort zone.   I've stopped worrying how many new followers I am getting, and what people think of me.!    That's not what it's about is it?   I have quite a few followers who comment regularly, which I really enjoy, and I am enjoying writing.  OK, it's not War and Peace, but it's giving me a great deal of pleasure to read back over what I've been doing.    So all in all, it's good fun and in the words of a friend of ours over here "tomorrow, we continue"
One of the things that I love about blogs are the to do lists that you all have - daily, weekly, monthly, I am so impressed with how much you get done.   I am a list maker, but I end up feeling a failure because of all the things I haven't done.  However, just this once I'm going make a list of what to do next week,  knowing full well I will achieve it

 1.  Go to my sisters in Portugal for the week

There you go, that's it!  She's lived out there for about 3 years now and this will be the first visit.  I don't think she has much of an internet connection (you have to sit out in the camper van on the drive!) so I'm not taking a computer.   I'm leaving Gordie at home with the animals.  He has already got his week planned which includes lots of dog walks, plenty of curries, and a night down the pub to watch the Champions league final.   I think that means we'll both have a good week.

So bye for a week, I'm off to pack now.  I'll leave you with a picture, because every post needs a picture.

The veggie patch this evening - wonder how much it will have grown by next Sunday?


  1. Have a fantastic time. I love Portugal. Enjoy the food, weather - and wine! Your veggies will do wonderous things while you are gone.

  2. Have a great time sweetie, go to a cafe and have a "um galao e um bolo" for me :-) miss portugal... x

  3. Dianne it's great that you've found your blogging comfort zone and are enjoying keeping it as a personal record, made more interesting by knowing others are enjoying it with you.
    Have a fantastic week away. It will be fun observing all the changes in your garden, so much growth happens in spring.