07 May 2011

Valtice Wine Market

I live in a small town called Valtice in Southern Moravia.  There are only about 3500 inhabitants and in winter it's pretty quiet.  But in summer it's quite a tourist trap.  It is part of the Lednicko-Valticke UNESCO world heritage site and also a centre of wine making. We also get a lot of cyclists, which combine the wine with the world heritage sites very nicely without breaking any drink driving laws.   Many of the locals have there own vineyards and wine cellars (more of that another day), but the first weekend in May is always for the professionals.  It takes places in the Spanish Riding Stables, part of the chateau

Valtice Chateau

The Spanish Riding Stables
and spills over into the chateau grounds and the main square

Looking down onto the square and the town hall

Over the past week, the judges have been tasting wines from all over the czech republic, and announced this years winners yesterday morning.   Then the public can come and taste all the wines over Friday and Saturday.  You buy a glass and some tokens, then you go round buying the different wines with your tokens.   The good ones cost 4 or 5 tokens and go early, leaving the cheaper wines that cost one or two tokens.    We're not actually doing the wine tasting this year, but wandered down last night to soak up the atmosphere and take a few photos.   The area was buzzing last night, and there were quite a few people with very wobbly legs

Czech drunks (and there are a lot of them) are not much of a problem.  They're not aggressive like English drunks, they all want to be your best friend, which is OK unless I'm out walking the dogs on my own!

And finally this is where you'll find us most Friday nights throughout summer

In the garden of the Rychta restaurant in town.  It starts our weekend wind-down!    Have a good weekend everyone.

PS update on sewing machine.  We're on again for Tuesday. 


  1. That looks like such a nice evening out. Do they sell nice little foodie bits to soak up the wine? And fingers crossed for you on Tuesday. Let's hope it goes to plan this time.

  2. It looks lovely there!
    Hope Tues goes well this time!

  3. It sounds like you live in a very interesting place, nice and quiet through winter yet full of activity in summer.
    Tuesday....not far away.

  4. It sounds like a lovely town!

  5. That looks like a very pituresque town.

  6. I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about living in such an interesting place. It looks beautiful.

  7. eeeep! what a beautiful place! We went to a wedding at a winery in Moravia a couple of years ago, and had such a wonderful time. It's possible that I drank too much slivovice, but I can't remember ;-)
    Looking forward to meeting you :-D