26 June 2011

1 wheel on my wagon....

....and I'm still trying to finish the bloody dresden circle I started ages ago, following the QAL on Lily's quilts.  I know that nearly everyone else has finished, but, well, I haven't so there!

Anyway, following the second attempt to fit the inner circle, I still wasn't happy with it so I ripped it out tonight and sewed it in again. And this time AT LAST it was pretty good.   So flushed with success, I moved on to the outer circle.  Bad move.  As you can see it's a proper dogs breakfast.

The outer circle is way to small for the inner.  Not sure if you can tell on the photo, but it resembles a relief map of the himalayas.  So this is going to have to be ripped out too.   Now I've had a go at it, I can see the logic of it all and do the maths to work out what size the inner circle/ outer circle need to be.  I'm not very good at imagining the finished article before I start.  I need to get stuck in, see what turns out, then if it's wrong, do it again.... and again!

Never mind one lives and learns.  And, I've got the whole week to myself as Gordon is back in the UK for the week, so disasters aside, I shall be spending as much as possible sewing.


  1. Bet your circle ends being perfect and then you will know exactly what to do for any more blocks you make. You do make me laugh the way you tell the story though.

  2. lol relief map... So did mine... I've still to unpick my first attempt and try again so you're not the furthest behind! Hope you have a lovely week wallowing in sewing and doing whatever amuses you :-)

  3. It is going to be so nice, don't give up!

  4. I love the colours in your Dresden. You are not as far behind as me. I cut out a whole layer cake of blades. Sewed up one Dresden and have sewed the centre circle. It's been up on my design wall ever since. I just don't feel the love.
    Good luck wit the second attempt at the outer circle.