24 June 2011


Or for those not familiar with this abbreviation - All Day Friday Sew In (Even If It Kills Me).

It's my day off today, and right from the start I was going to be sewing all day.  And I have.  But I did so want to be able to show you two fully quilted quilts, and I can't.   Because 1)  I under-estimated how long it would take and 2) the new quilting foot on my bloody machine broke. 

Here's the story (if you've got 5 minutes).  I got my machine back on Monday.  I was told there was nothing wrong with the machine, but the quilting foot provided could only quilt thin things.  For thicker quilts (which of course mine was) I needed a second spring loaded foot.   Not bad for a machine called a Sapphire Quilt.   I must have misunderstood what this meant.   Anyways, I'm not in a position to argue the toss to any degree, as I can't achieve any degree of venom in Czech yet.  In England believe me I'd be standing on the table screaming, but even if I could do it here, no one here would take any notice.   So, I took my new foot home, and after several trial pieces  I got a near perfect stitch, so this morning I was off.   Out came Beyond the Sea.  I had FMQ'd about two thirds of it before the machine went back,  some of which was OK, but a lot of which the tension was too tight on the back.   And it was going so well....  and I got close,  oh so close, to finishing when the new foot broke. Yes, can you believe it?

The offending article.

Beyond the Sea - nearly quilted

The unfinished corner

A close up to show that my FMQ isn't too bad.   Your right Rhonda - practice , practice, practice

So that's all I could do on that one.  Having organised for a new foot to be sent direct to me, I got my Sweet Dreams quilt out.  This is straight line quilting, so I didn't need the quilting foot.  I'd outlined the bigger squares with a line of stitching 1/4 " either side of the seam, and needed to do the same with the inner square. Here it is on the machine mid final square

.....and on the table

... and on the line
It's not finished yet - I still have to do the border.  I was going to try a pebbly sort of pattern, but FMQ is out for now and I do want to get  this one finished.  Have you got any suggestions?   

Right off now to sew in all those ends, and maybe catch up with some Wimbledon.


  1. Still can't reply to your emails most of the time. So shall comment here but no rude words! It is a right bugger about the machine, tension and broken foot. I would be so p-ed off. On the other hand, your FMQ looks great and the purple and white quilt is so pretty. Just love it. So the day wasn't a total loss. Hope that the machine sorts itself out before you hit it with something hard!

  2. Oh no! That sucks. Next time you pass a junk / charity shop nip in and buy a pile of plates. Very handy for times like this, you can go outside and throw them against the wall... Funnily enough I can imagine you standing on a table screaming! You're quite right though, a machine with "Quilt" in the name should be able to quilt more than a "thin" quilt... Doesnt look like your batting was that thick either. However... LOVE beyond the sea quilt, its gorgeous. As is pretty pink quilt. So not too bad a day ;-) (I cant reply to your emails either, wassup with that?)

  3. That's rubbish! I would be soo mad! Quilts look great though and I love your fmq!

  4. How frustrating! What you have done looks great.

    If you have your heart set on a pebble quilted border maybe it's best to wait for the new foot. YOu could prepare your bindings and even attach the binding to all the quilted sides of Beyond The Sea, including the back side too.

  5. Dianne, I can comment no problem. It is the actual email address. It only goes through very ocassionally, most of the time returning a 'undelivered mail returned to sender' message. Not sure what the problem is but maybe you need to get a Google or Yahoo! email to make it more reliable. Not sure?!?!

  6. Oh that is rotten luck - your quilts are looking good tho, and I reckon your fmq is brilliant.