02 June 2011

Fresh sewing day

I really wanted to post yesterday to tie in with Lily's quilts Fresh Sewing Day.  But it didn't happen.   Beginning of the month is busy at work, so I don't get time for blogging from the office (It's OK I work for myself, I can do that if I want to!)  Also Wednesday is Czech lesson followed by line dancing, so Wednesday's are difficult.   So it's a day late but I hope no-one will mind.

Dissappointingly I haven't had much time on my new machine.    The garden has to take precidence, because, well it just gets out of control if not, errr, controlled.   But I have done a couple of things:

New Baby Quilt.

I did have a name for this but I'll be buggered if i can remember what it was!    Anyway, the top is finished

I was dead keen to get on with quilting it, but realised that all my basting pins are in this quilt, so I that one had to take precidence.   Whatever.    I've made a start but didn't get too far.    The weather is a bit unsettled at present so I may get some time at the weekend to do some quilting because it's raining cats and dogs. 

As an aside, the lady from whom I bought my new machine, recommended spray baste.   She hates pins and loves this spray.  Uses it all the time apparently.   And of course, she suckered me into buying some.  I was tempted to use it on the baby quilt, but decided against it.   Does anyone have any opinion on this (Stupid question I know!)

So far, I'm very pleased with Valerie, the new machine.  Actually a lot more than very pleased.     She does make everything a lot easier.  The lines are a lot straighter, but still not quite straight.  The 1/4 inch seam is a lot nearer 1/4 but not quite 100%.  And, after a full 10 mintues of FMQ, I can confirm that it is a lot easier, although still not quite perfect.   But I think that's down to me, not Valerie.!

Well that's it for now.  The settee, a glass of wine and Lord Sugar beckon.  Tomorrow I'll try to fit in a short post about my holiday in Portugal with my sister (although not too many boring photos.....  Honest)


  1. Love the muted colours. This quilt will be lovely finished.

  2. I love that you had the perfect name but forgot it lol! Thats exactly the type of thing I would do! And then it would bug me until I remembered it! Even without a name it looks beautiful. I like the large border, makes the blocks look like they are floating.

  3. Both quilts look great. Hoping you manage some more relaxing time with your machine soon.

  4. What a lovely quilt! I use the spray but only on small projects. I haven't tried it on a big quilt yet.

  5. Beautiful quilt top! I've used the spray before, and am planning to use it again on the next quilt to be basted, it's easy and easy pleases me a lot...

  6. One lucky baby is getting a lovely quilt!!

  7. That is a beautiful quilt! I look forward to seeing it finished. I use pins to baste, I just keep buying more so I can have more than one quilt ready to go.