29 June 2011

The Garden in June

I was up at sparrow's fart this morning.  I needed to do some watering and a bit of work in the garden, and it gets too hot for me after about 9 am.    So by 7.45 I had walked the dogs, watered my new berberis hedge, and sweet peas, turned the compost heap, done a bit of weeding and dead-heading, and cleared up the little presents my dear dogs leave for me all over the lawn!   I'm going for sainthood next.   So I thought, as we are nearing the end of June, I would record the current state of play in the garden.

There are successes and failures:

The broad beans this year have been a huge succes, after years of trying unsuccesfully
Have been eating french beans for a couple of weeks.
First new potatoes dug up (and eaten) at the weekend
Tomatoes doing well but nothing ripe yet
Spring onions planted in the greenhouse have done very well, again after years of failure.

The carrots have been dissappointing.  Hardly any have germinated, even though the seed was new (I normally use seed no matter how old it is)
The parsnips so far are a no show.  Again, the seed was new.   I know they take a long time to germinate, but I've almost given up.  Normally have no problem with Parsnips.
We picked our first head of calabrese at the weekend, only to find it had lodgers - several thousand of them.

Here's a photo round up

The new berberis hedge - it's straight, honest, it just doesn't look it. 
Bit like my seams actually

The veggie patch, featuring the picuresque storage area at the back of the garage
(will I never learn?)

The flowers I re-planted into the new wall are doing OK.  Looking a bit crispy, but I think they'll survive
Maybe not this one.  Even with my enthusiasm, I don't think this one has a chance
And the first sunflower.  I grow these because they make me smile

However, it's getting way too hot for my spring flowers.  They're frying.  But it's Ok, they've done their job and will be back next spring

It's all too exhausting for one little dog

The mutilated object next to her is "Dollie's arm".  It once belonged to our next door neighbours daughter in England.  She carelessly left it out on the common and our old dog, Ollie stole it.  It's been with us ever since, although it gets smaller every passing year.

Well thank you for staying with me, if you did, all you none gardeners.   As a reward for staying the course, I can reveal that the Dresden circle is now settled into its outer circle and is looking reasonable.   I will be getting on with it today, so hope to have further shots of it soon.  

Off to do some housework (boo) and some computer housekeeping too.  I'll see if I can sort out this problem you are having responding to my e-mails



  1. I love sunflowers too! Look forward to seeing your dresdens :)

  2. You got your desden flat? well done! Very impressive veggie patch too by the way. Poor Liska looks totally pooped!

  3. Your veg patch is HUGE! All that weeding would be the death of me. Report on my veggies in their tubs? Tomatoes - struggling after the brutal spring and not sure if they want to live. Beans? One doing a little bit okay as it has actually managed a couple of flowers. Other won't die and I wish it would (other than the fact that it is Em's and she will be devastated). Potatoes? No flowers yet but they are doing great. Glad something is!!

  4. I agree your veggie patch is huge and very impressive. it sounds like you are doing really well with most of them. Fingers crossed for the carrots and parsnips.
    I'm not really a vegetable gardener, I like the idea just not all the weeding etc involved. At the moment I'm just growing herbs and cherry tomatoes in pots, they are all doing well, although the tomatoes are very slow ripening this year.
    Great news to hear you were able to sort out the Dresden.

  5. what I would give for a garden space that big...but then I'd always be in the garden working and not sewing. So my little spot of heaven in my garden will have to do. Looks like you get a huge harvest.