04 June 2011

Home again home again jiggety jig (part 2)

I was in Portugal last week with my sister.  She retired there nearly 3 years ago but this was my first visit.  She has a pretty little house just back from the coast near Faro.  This part of the coast has very little access to the beach and the sea, as it is protected by a river inlet, and lots of small islands, or sand banks.   Hence there are not so many tourists.  

We spent a lovely week together, and as Jean pointed out, probably the longest time we've spent together since I was about 10 and I used to spend time at her house in the summer holidays.   We spent a bit of time having a look round, some time socialising, a lot of swimming in the pool, dog walking every day but a lot of time relaxing and chatting.  Here's a few pictures

We passed this on our early morning walk

Not sure if you can see at the end, there's an old fashioned barber shop

And I got my walk on the beach with the dog.  I'd love to bring my two here

 All the door and windows have these pretty grills (just in case you're a burglar!)

I spent a couple of afternoons under that pergola, and lots of time in the pool

We visited a local market, where they are rather keen on snails.  No, we didn't try them

David has hewn a vegetable patch out of the rocky ground.   Not sure I'd have the fortitude to garden here.

And this is the dog they rescued, Suzie.   She's a very pretty, gentle dog, but has an unfortunate tooth that her lip gets caught on!

This was inspiration for a future quilt

Actually, the house is crying out for quilts. They would just fit in so well, and it does get cold at night in winter, so a quilt would be perfect to snuggle down under. Jean is very good at sewing, in fact she has spent most of her working life sewing, and had a small company that manufactured clothing, but unfortunately as companies moved their manufacturing to cheaper, eastern european countries, Jean had to give it up. She made a few seat covers whilst I was there, and is planning to re-cover the suite in the conservatory. She's way better than me, but I was heartened when she'd sewn the ties onto the top instead of the bottom of the seat pads (Sorry Jean). I may also have sparked an interest blogging. Jean has a passion for porcelain, in particular New Hall porcelain. She has even written a book about it, cataloguing everything they made, which is harder than it sounds, because nothing ever had their makers mark on it. How's that for marketing! Anyway, she just might start her own blog about it.

So that was my week in a nutshell. It's really nice now that I can picture their life there, and know that she is on her laptop every morning (with the dongle thing in the fruit bowl as that's the only place it'll work!). Looking forward to the next visit 


  1. Lovely photos! Makes me want to go there for a visit. I miss travelling (sometimes) but at least I got to see much of the world before I did the mum thing. Glad you had such a good time with your sister.

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. Love your photos.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Feel a little homesick lookin at the photos... but you're right, the must be a few quilts in the portugals wonderful tiling. Ahhh memories.. My first quilt was made in Lisbon... Glad you had such a lovely break away :-)

  4. Sounds like you had a good time away! That beach looks very relaxing!

  5. What a beautiful beach! And that pool looks nice too - you are lucky to have been able to stay so long with your sister. Nice to have a break.