22 June 2011

Mid Summer Night Sky

We were a little late eating last night, mainly due to me losing track of time, head firmly stuck in some FMQ!  But it was a beautiful evening, so we sat outside to eat.   That's what I love about the hotter weather.  I don't much like the heat, and I hate sitting sun-bathing, but I love warm evenings when you can sit comfortably outside until it's dark.  And the sky was fabulous.  I took a few photos but as always with this sort of picture, they don't really do it justice.

Try to ignore the dog pen and the building site next door

PS Technically I realise 21st is not Midsummers Day, but Summer Solstice Night Sky doesn't have the same ring does it.


  1. Lovely sky, not so lovely here as thick white cloud cover ruins things... still daylight though! And hey you, FMQ? Machine is back in one piece and in full working order? YAY!!! Great news :-)

  2. We would get hypothermia eating outside! Want photos of fmg now please.