09 June 2011

My day job

As I don't have any sewing to blog about, I thought I'd tell you about my office, where I spend my working hours..  It had a make over this winter, when I kicked my husband out (just out of the office, not my life in general!), and I've been meaning to take some photos and write a blog about it because I rather like it.   It's not my crafty space - I haven't got one of those, I just camp out in the dining room, and I know that's what people usually blog about.  But I'm rather pleased with it so here it is.

Unfortunately I don't have a "before" photo, but if I could just set the scene.  We rent space in an old communist built factory that used to make turbine blades.  We have the whole of the ground floor of what was the office block, and my little office is on the north side i.e. it NEVER gets any sun.   It must've once been a cash office or something similar, because the windows were painted out with white-wash and had bars on the windows.  And outside there are several heavy fir trees.  So it was very dark (and cold ).   I shared this office with my better half for over 2 years (and it was wonderful, if you're reading this dear), but it is very small and we did start to get on each others nerves a bit, so I kicked him out to an office upstairs.   Which meant I could decorate the office how I wanted to .   He's very into yellow, and I definitely didn't want yellow. 

So off came the white-wash and the bars, and on went the ..... not sure the technical term for the colour

It's actually a bit brighter than it looks here.  I've got a few bits and bobs from Ikea, my Gardeners World calendar (a nice clock from Tesco that you can't see here).  The notice board used to house some nice fabric collections that I printed out, but I took them down when we had  a quality inspection.   And, in pride of place, is my Lloyd Loom chair

In it's original colours - well original to me anyway, but I think it was once gold.   It just needs a nice quilted cushion or seat pad on it.  Or maybe the crocheted African Flowers?

The other half of the office houses a very old filing cabinet and a huge copier, which takes up loads of space but it's one of our test copiers, so beggers can't be choosers.  And you can't see the window, but I have some very nice coppery coloured blinds.

I do like it more now, but it's still dark, and bloody cold in winter.  In fact I only turned the heater off two weeks ago, when everyone else was sweating!   It's affectionately known as the Black Hole of Calcutta.

So that's where I spend my days.  Drinking coffee and catching up on your blogs.  Oh and maybe doing some work from time to time!


  1. Looks great - good colour, look forward to seeing the patchwork cushion on that chair!

  2. Nice office - but what do you DO in that ex-communist building?

  3. Nice space, looks cosy even if it's not in real life!

  4. It's just UGLY! Maybe it photographed better than it actually looks. Who knows but I had several takers and it is going to a new home. Woohoo!

    I have emailed Judith about doing an ugly swap. But it will have to wait until the end of the summer because I am going to be away for much of it (nothing exciting - just mooching around the country seeing family and friends and I might be forced into a tent kicking and screaming with the beasts for a week).

    Now here is a question for you. As I thought about it in bed this morning unable to sleep. Would a lucky dip swap work or would a pass on the ugly fabric be better? Say I posted a photo of six uglies and they went to the first bidder and then they in turn posted six of their hideous fabrics and passed it on. Or would it be better to just collect in names of those interested and then do a lucky dip exchange - no matching up - and each person sent out to the name assigned. Which appeals more?

    God, I hope this email goes. Some days they do send to you and others they don't. No idea why.


    PS: It won't send as a regular email and it isn't my system as other emails are going out so I am sending this as a comment which you can delete once read - if you don't want it lingering in your comments.

  5. Office looks great! Love the freshness of that paint colour! Have you got a plan for the cushion?

    I have tried a couple of times respond to your comment on my blog but the emails keep getting returned?