08 June 2011

Why me?

Can you spot what is missing from the photo below?

Sorry this not a give away - there is no prize.  It's too easy for a start.   My brand new machine, Valerie,  has gone back whence it came.   Only temporarily I hope, but still I'm a bit fed up.  No I'm not. I'm veerrryyy pissed off actually.   It started playing up the other night when I was quilting this quilt.  The thread was breaking, it was missing stiches, bunching up underneath, and the bottom thread tension is all wrong.  So I took it back to the shop today, to see if I was doing somthing wrong, but no, it looks like it's the machine.  So it's gone back to the main workshop and will no doubt be a couple of weeks.  And we all know how long 2 czech weeks can be.

Like it says in the title, why me?  I don't pull the legs off spiders or anything like that.


  1. Oh bugger! So not fair. Red wine night? Feeling very sorry for you genuinely. Stuff like that happening sucks!

  2. Noooo! Thats crap news! Fingers crossed she comes back soon!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. I can imagine how you feel.

  4. Oh man you must be pissed off, you only just got her! Snot fair indeed. Dont know what to advise. Lots of chocolate and "accidentally smashing" some plates?