31 July 2011

Farmers wife quilt weeks 4-6

I'm catching up slowly!  I had some much easier, and therefore quicker ones recently so I cracked on with a few.  Where there are odd shapes and triangles, I have been continuing with the templates, and I seem to be getting quite good results with them.  They are slow to cut, but I'm slow anyway, faffing about getting them straight, square and accurate, so I don't think I lose much time.  So here they are

Numbers 18 (Century of Progress), 51 Hovering Birds, 58 mothers Dream, 77 Seasons, 1 Attic Windows and 30 End of the Day.

I'm really pleased with these 6, and the new fabrics I got are just super.  I think I need some yellow now though.  Century of Progress  (middle top) meets fairly well in the middle, but it is about 3/4 inch thick!   ANy tips on how to make this knot of seams in the middle lie a bit better.   I have also started to iron the seams to one side rather than open, which makes it easier to line up, much easier, but I don't like the step it leaves on the front of the seam.  Will this lie down better when it's quilted?

And here are the 12 I've done so far

I willl definitely do the one on the left again.  There is not enough definition in the colours.  The fabrics I thought would work out well are not so good.   May have to buy some more!  My favourite so far is the one on the far right, SIlver Lane.  

I have to admit that they aren't all 6.5" - A lot are 6.25 which I suppose doesn't matter too much as long as I can make them all 6.25"

The quilt-along is on week 9 so I'm catching up.  Not that it matters that much really.   How's everyone else getting along?


  1. these are looking brilliant Dianne - it's common I think for the blocks to turn out a bit smaller as they are only 6" and quite a lot of pieces in each one - you would need to be quite scant with your seam allowance but as you say, if they all turn out 6.25, you'll be fine!!

  2. Your blocks are great! I too am a bit behind and am hoping to do a few this week to catch up.

  3. thanks dianne...i am a million miles away from making these blocks, but its still fun....just spent an agreeable time catching up on your posts..i am attracted to cheese stalls like a magpie to silver, maybe you could do a craft stall! start a trend.......house looks fab that colour by the way x