30 July 2011

Favourite things Friday (on Saturday)

Sorry this post is a day late - had a bit of a busy day yesterday.  I did try to post this last night, but it was too late, I was too tired (and maybe too many glasses of wine) and nothing went well.   So I had to leave it till this morning.

I just love markets and we seek them out wherever we are on holiday.  Here's a few piccies taken recently



We left the UK to live here in the Czech Republic nearly 6 years ago, just as Farmers Markets were hitting the streets.    I also used to shop regularly at the local W.I market.  So it was dissapointing to find when we got here there were so few markets.   We have a wonderful little square in Valtice which is just crying out for a colourful market.   So I was very pleased when a friend told me that a Farmers market had started up in Breclav, a town only 10 kms away.    It's on every other Friday (hence it qualifies for Favourite things Friday) and last week, being on holiday, we set of to visit, with mixed feeling I must add.  Partly excited about what treasures we may find,  but also a little skeptical because things here have a habit of not living up to expectations!

Well it wasn't bad, not brilliant, but one or two finds

A nice veggie stall - we didn't buy anything here though because we have loads ourselves.

A stall selling ducks eggs which we would have bought except there was a huge queue.  Didn't get a photo of that I'm afraid.   I also didn't take a photo of the stall selling tomato ketchup!  Well it is made locally but hardly farmers fayre. 

A sausage stall

And best of all a cheese stall.

This is the find of the last 6 years.  Czech cheese is rubbish, and that's being kind.  It's a tasteless, plastic filler for sandwiches and nothing else.   Oh but this stall had some wonderful cheeses.  We bought a really kick-ass piece of goats cheese (centre front), a sharp crumbly cheese covered in cranberries, and the piece of cheddar that you can see on top of the pile on the right!  We are still eating the cheddar now, rationing ourselves to make it last a bit longer!   And we'll definitely be back there again.  Maybe some duck eggs next time.

I think it needs a few more stalls with a little more variety, but hey, this is better than we had before!   Maybe a little crafty stall ...............
Pop over to Quilting in my pyjamas to see what other peoples Friday favourites are.


  1. I love markets, and hate being disappointed by one when I have been looking forward to it. Ever been into that huge one in Barcelona, off Las Ramblas? Heaven! I think Favourite Things Friday is the perfect place for a market to be.

  2. You could set up the crafty stall Dianne!

    Being a cheese-o-phile myself I would have been very excited about that stall. I had to laugh when I read about your rationing out of the cheddar.

    I am a market nut for food buying. We have a number of great markets here that sell amazing food items you just cant get anywhere else so it always fun to wander along and be surprised. Ive cooked a load of things I would never have tried because I found some obscure ingredient I liked the look of.

    Enjoy your cheese and thanks for stopping by and showing us a slice of your world again this week.

  3. Ooooh, yeah I miss markets. And cheese stall would be so top of my list. LOVED portugals cheeses.... hmmmmmmmm cheese...... yup, thats one of my favourite things!

  4. I love markets as well. We have a large market in the centre of the city and lots of farmers markets and there is organic market every 2nd saturday in the next suburb which I go to. I buy the best organic eggs, bacon, olive oil, olives and bread. The vegies are pretty good as well.

  5. The cheese with cranberries sound wonderful!