27 July 2011

The good, the bad and the downright ugly

I thought it about time I posted something about quilting.  I've not had huge amounts of time this last couple of weeks, but feel I have achieved a fair amount, some good, some bad (there's a clue in the title).

The downright ugly

This project has been hanging around, jeering at me from the corner of the dining room every time I go in.  I actually love the Dresden and the colours, but that's as far as it goes.   This is where it is at the moment

As it was an experimental piece that I didn't know what to do with anyway, when I came to do the quilting,I thought I'd try a few of the 200 stitches on my machine.  I chose one that reminds me of the pheasant tracks we see in the snow around here in winter, and quilted either side of the seams on the dresden.  I really was quite pleased with it. 

The stitches aren't always even - the piece was dragging on the edge of the table, so it wasn't feeding regularly.   but on the whole it's quite good. 

But I should've quit whilst I was ahead.     More is less, as they say.  I then chose another similar stitch to frame the circle.   At this stage I realised all was not right, but I was committed (I should be) and had to finish the job , so I did the same inside the scrappy border, and then, just to balls it up completely, I different stitch again outside the border.  Here's a close up, but you may wish to look away at this point, and make sure the children are safely out of the room.

Those of you that did dare to look may notice that the two whites are not the same, and the green thread I used on the border is not the same as that around the Dresden.   That's because I ran out of both, and couldn't get the same again.  Numpty.   In my defence, this was all a bit spur of the moment, using what I had but all the same.....

And the back - well best not go there.  It's awful.  I use the spray baste and although it did hold quite well for the duration of the quilting,  there are still lots of folds and creases.  I think that's probably the fault of the batting which is some of the original polyester stuff I bought before I knew better.  It moves  a lot.

So all in all, it's very ugly.   And I still don't know what to do with it!   I think I may look for a large cushion when in the UK next month and use the Dresden on it's own to make a cushion cover.

Anyway, lets move on to something better.  This is my latest effort at a play mat/baby quilt.  I've seen a lot of people doing pin wheels recently and I love them.  So I thought I'd use some fabric I bought locally earlier on in the year to make a pin-wheel quilt.  This is how far I got:

This one's really going well, so I just need to concentrate so that I don't mess this one up too!   I want to put some sashing between each of the pinwheels, but unsure whether to use white, or a yellow/green mix with a little square at each junction.  A while ago we were watching the original series of Boys from the Black Stuff (UK TV series from the 1980's) and saw some wall tiles which I thought would make a great border/sashing.  Any suggestions anyone?   And I also need a name, but don't forget it has to be a song title!

And finally the good (well the last one was good too, so there isn't a bad)  I received some more fabrics on Monday for my Farmers wife quilt.

They are a mix of feedsack patterns.  I just love the top one on the right,, but they are all lovely.  So I'm off now to start cutting them into little bits! 


  1. Poor dresden! So maligned! I think it would make a terrific cushion cover. Go for it. I presume you don't intend to make eight more to match so that you can make a throw. Your pinwheels are gorgeous. I would go with white sashing and coloured corner blocks so that you didn't lose the pinwheels in with the sashing. Name? Don't know but will tell you if I get any ideas. And lovely fabric for your FW blocks.

  2. awww dresden isnt bad at all! It'll make a lovely cushion, and you've gotten lots of practice playing with stitches :-) I'm with Susan, white sashing but coloured corner blocks would really look good with your pinwheels!

  3. I like the Dresden, and what's a sample for if not to experiment and learn what works and what doesn't? No one will notice your "mistakes" unless you tell. ;0) I'm a devotee of pin basting--I know it takes time and I usually spill blood from my fingers, but it keeps everything together quite well. As for the pinwheels, definitely white sashing with a variety of colored posts (or squares/blocks as you call them). Love the colors in this quilt.

  4. For me experimenting is what sewing and quilting is all about (generally because I don't know any better but still lol =D) I don't think the dresden looks that awful as Barb said unless you point the mistakes out no one will notice. At least it was a small "sample" type piece and now you have an idea of what stitches you like/don't like!
    Pinwheels look fab! Vote for white sashing like everyone else!

  5. I agree I don't think the Dresden looks too bad at all, and I loved reading your post as you're not the only one who has days/weeks like that. At least you only made one not six of them. Another positive, you had a play with the stitches on your machine and at least you didn't do that on a whole quilt or you would be spending days unpicking it.
    A name? I'm crap at naming quilts but as it's sunny cheerful fabric "Walking On Sunshine" ? I think white sashing would be lovely too.