05 July 2011

I couldn't resist the Farmers Wife

My Farmers Wife Book finally arrived yesterday.  When I sent for it I wasn't sure whether or not to try it, but I thought it would be a good way to learn some new stuff and practice, practice practice.  So by the time it arrived, I'd persuaded myself to give it a go.  I wasn't sure what order to go in, but without a plan I know I'd do the easy ones first and leave all the difficult ones till last.   So I decided to do them in the order that they are with the letters.   Which meant the first one had at least a hundred HSTs (may be more) but I did it.

No 26 - Cut Glass Dish

It's definitely not square, and neither is it 6 1/2 inches, but the points all meet pretty well so it's not bad.  And it only took me 4 hours!.    If I get to the end and this one really stands out as being bad, I can always do it again (oh please!).

And next on the catwalk, No.    54.  Kitchen Woodbox

This is much better - it's almost square and just about 6 1/2 inches.  I'll grant you it doesn't look square, but the wind is blowing the corners up.  And this one took me less than an hour.

And here they are together

Oh bugger - I didn't notice the lens cover thing there!  Never mind.
  I have a few of these 1930 feedsack prints which I rather like and also seem to fit in with the era of the Farmers Wife Stories, so I'm thinking I'll continue with these and try and get my hands on a few more in the same style.   All with a dash of white as well.

I have also almost finished my sweet dreams quilt.  The label is done, and I hope to sew it on this evening and get a few photos in the sunshine tomorrow.

And the other thing that I finished and forgot to show you is the scary teddy.   I managed to sort his face out using a bit of embroidery thread, which was much easier than trying to do it in wool. 

I still don't like it, but my sister-in-law was pleased with it, and by now, it should have been sold at the church fete, and be with it's new owner, who will love it to bits.  Unlike me.

Just to let you know that today and tomorrow are bank holidays here in the Czech republic.  Today is Saints Cyril and Methodius Day (Christian Missionaries in the Balkans)  and tomorrow is Jan Hus Day (He was a priest, philosopher and reformer).  So now you know.  You  can either
a) choose to ignore/forget it  or

b) stun your friends with your knowledge of eurpoean bank holidays.

The choice is yours.

Bye for now.


  1. Look at all those HST's! Your braver than me those farmers wife blocks scare me! My piecing is not accurate enough for all those teeny tiny pieces! Yours look good though, look forward to seeing them all come together!

  2. And another friend succumbs to his wily charms... I've got the book, but I'm trying not to use it! Great start though, and diving in with 100 teeeny HST too, very brave! Keep it up ;-)

  3. My book took forever to get to me too. I've only done 2 blocks but I didn't do that hard one that you did!!

  4. My goodness - all those HSTs and only 6 1/2" eek!!

  5. I'm not going to succumb to the Farmer. Your blocks look great, but I will not be joining in. It took me 4 1/2 hours to make one 12 inch block on Monday so i would have a snowballs chance in hell of making a 6 " block with " hundreds" of HST's in less than a day.
    Happy bank holidays, I'll choose to forget it after this comment.

  6. HaHa! You are now ONE OF US!! We'll all be milking cows next.

  7. Lovely blocks! I love that fabric, it is perfect for these!