10 July 2011


Well that's a first.  I've never had a tah-dah moment before.  But at long last my "Sweet Dreams" quilt is finished.  

Is it for me?

I love this one

Complete with (Slightly wonky) label
This is quite a simple quilt, which has taken aggggeeees, but it done at last and I think it's so sweet.  My husband when asked (I know I shouldn't should I?) thought the colours are a bit bland.   Well compared with the last one, which was PINK, they are more muted. But all in all, quite good.

Progress is also being made on the farmers wife blocks.  Here's week 2.  Both of these took ages to cut, and were quite complicated to put together.

Silver Lanes (79) on the left and Country Path (24) on the right

And all together.  I think that one a t the top is going to have to be re-done.  There's not enough contrast on the HSTs
Not only am I pleased with how these two look, colour wise, but I'm also pleased with the improvements in the accuracy of the finished blocks.  They are vastly improved on the first two, despite making that little pinwheel in the centre 3 times!  As I wanted to do this to improve my techniques, I want to keep a record the whole proces so here's a list of what I've learnt this time.

1.  HST - make them bigger and cut them to size
2.  On clarty little pieces, like 1" HST, a pin is more trouble than it's worth.
3.  I did use a couple of templates, which at first I thought were a pain in the bum, but then I found those little nibby bits on the end are brilliant for lining up, especially on the bias seams.

Things that are improving
1.  Accurate cutting
2.  taking time to line the seams up carefully
3.  Straight seams
4.  Accuracy and neatness of the finished piece - only in the centre though, it still gets a bit unruly towards the outside, as I lose focus a bit. 

Things that need more work
1.  How to use the templates properly
2.  Remembering to make sure the seams on the bottom piece are open before stitching over them.
3.  Take breaks and concentrate right to the end.

I might get some more done this afternoon as it's HOT at the moment (35 yesterday) at which point I melt down and it's a good excuse to retreat inside.

Take care


  1. The quilt is wonderful. Congrats on your finish. I did that FW block that you want to redo a couple of days ago. It took forever! 51 freaking pieces in one six inch block! These are diabolical. I haven't tried the templates yet.

  2. Lovely quilt.
    I'm still resisting the FWQAL, but I love to check up all the great blocks and I like yours very much, especially the two new ones. I'm not surprised you're pleased with them.

  3. Your quilt is really pretty, I love the soft colours.
    I need to start putting labels on my quilts.
    I wouldn't worry about re-doing the block as it's going to be in amongst 100+ others. I'm definitely resisting the FWQAL, but I do like seeing all the blocks everyone is making. It's definitely a good skill building exercise.

  4. A quilt WELL worthy of a Tah Dah! Its lovely :-) And the FW blocks are great!

  5. I love your quilt, it is wonderful! And your FW blocks are great! Thank you for sharing what you have learned so far. I think that starting with some of the hardest blocks shows great confidence. I think that I am going to start doing one harder one with one of the more straightforward ones each week.

  6. You forgot to add - never ask your hubby what he thinks - it is cruel and they never come up with the right answer unless you tell them what it is! Hee hee!

    Great quilt and lovely FW blocks - I'm learning the same things as you but haven't attempted the difficult ones yet!

  7. Love the quilt, it is beautiful! Lovely soft colours not bland at all!
    And the farmers wife blocks.. wow so many fiddly pieces by the looks of it! I don't know if I would have the patience. They look amazing though!