17 July 2011

When in Berlin

I know it's unlikely that many of you will find yourselves in Berlin, but if you do, a new fabric shop opened last week.

Doesn't it look wonderful?  When I visited Berlin last year, I visited Linda in her studio in the leafy suburbs. It was like Aladin's cave.    I bought the fabrics for this quilt from her.

And also if you have a moment, check out her website - http://www.volksfaden.de/  It is one of the most unusual and original I have seen, and she has some beautiful fabrics.  So good luck Linda.

Also I wanted to tell you about a new blog written by a friend of ours in Oz.  She is a talented photographer, and is doing a series on how to take better photographs.  I often hear the cry "Sorry the photos are rubbish" so mabye there is something there to help us all.  
http://nicolahillphotography.blogspot.com/.   Frankly, some of it is beyond me - Rear Synch flash photography for goodness sake?   She also sells some of her (rather splendid) work here  http://nicolaclarkeimages.com/gallery.html.

Neither of these good folks are paying me by the way - I just thought I'd tell you about them for interest.

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  1. As if fabric shops arent enticing enough - that one looks fab!!