31 August 2011

At last I have some time to get back to my computer   We took our friends to Vienna airport yesterday on their way back to Australia.  We've had a lovely two weeks which consisted of re-visiting old haunts, some beautiful English/Welsh countryside, some horrible west country weather, some near tropical weather in CZ, a long journey to and from the UK, a brilliant weekend with friends, then a week with our friends from Oz in our home in the Czech Republic, which they've never seen.    But it is good to get back to you all.  
I know you all want to see the fabrics and books that I bought, but I haven't taken any photos yet, so you will have to  make do with the holiday tour - short and sweet because that's probably about all people can stand of other peoples holiday photos.  I know, I have sat through a two hour trip down the side of a French mountain in the dark, where all I could see was a snow bank at the side of the road in the car headlights.   Why did they think we would be excited by it?

So here are the highlights

We had two days staying near Mevagissey.  This pretty little fishing village has been the scene of many of our holiday, both separately and together.  Gordon was a Venture scout and camped at the same farm for around 20 years.   I was invited on a couple of occassions, one of which I got totally destroyed on tequila slammers and spend the night being frog marched round Cornish lanes to sober up!   Needless to say we visited old haunts, ate fish and chips and cream teas, and dipped our toes in the sea.  We visited the lost Gardens of Heligan

The Eden Project

And the mist came down.

Then we went to Lynmouth in Devon, where it rained, but we saw the sea

And Bath, where it also rained.   I have no photos here, but we had dinner at a Vegetarian Restaurant called Demeuths.  If you are ever in Bath, I recommend you try it.  We're not vegetarians, and my husband is a confirmed carnivore, but even he loves eating there.  We met friends who are vegans, and are used to making do when they go our for a meal, but here they have a choice of food.   It's a bit pricey, but worth it.

We then went on to Ledbury to stay with friends, cruised past our old house in Hereford, surprised old neighbours, and eventually finding our way to a converted sheep barn near Newtown in Wales.   We were meeting up with 11 other friends, and it was the first time in 6 years that we have all been together in one place.   I don't have many decent photos, but this was the dinner table laid ready for dinner on the Friday night.

This has to be the most impressive place I have ever stayed.   It felt really decadent, but shared between 13, it was actually quite reasonably priced. Each of the 8 bedroons were en-suite, had oak floor boards, beams, and four poster beds, or old iron framed beds.   The kitchen had everything we needed, in volume.
Most of the rest of the photos I took were mainly blurred - probably due to the alcohol intake!  

And whilst he guys played golf, we visited Powys Castle.    Again, the gardens were impressive, and well worth a visit if you're into gardens.  I took loads of pictures of flowers which I'm going to make into a mosaic, now that I've learnt how to do it!

And when we got back home we were treated to 35 + degrees temperatures.   Nice as this is, it did stop us from getting out walking, and sightseeing.   But it was good to catch up.  

Back to reality now, trying to deal with our own body weight in tomatoes, beetroot, potatoes and onions.   You pay dearly for almost three weeks away.  And then as if I wasn't busy enough, I signed up to my first swap (thanks Sarah)  with Cindy at fluffy sheep quilting.   I'm sure it'll be OK!  And next week, I have a new assistant starting work with me, who will eventually take over most of my work, allowing me to spend more time at home.  Hoorah!   In the meantime, I'll catch up with all your blogs slowly over the next few days.

Good to be back.


  1. What a fantastic holiday! And woohoo to the assistant. Glad to have you back in bloggy land though.

  2. Yay! Great to see you back. What a fantastic holiday you've had too. Glad you made the swap sign up, hope you enjoy it ;-)

  3. glad you are home and back to your routine and blogging. I'm doing the swap with Cindy, too. My mum had a hip fracture so I'm not blogging much, just reading blogs to keep my sanity.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, so nice to see friends and visit places with old memories!