05 August 2011

Favourite things Friday

Anyone who has read this blog before will not I'm not much of a cook.  I don't like it and I'm no good at it.  A baking session leaves me stressed out and totally exhausted, and back ache from stading up soooo long.  But, and it's a big but, I do enjoy cooking with my own produce, and there's a lot of it about at the moment.  This is just the tomatoes!   I always grow too many.  When I'm sewing the seeds, I put one in a pot, plus another in case the first doesn't germinated.  And they all do.  Having grown them, I am totally unable to despatch any unwanted to the compost bin.   You can't give them away here, because everyone grows them.  As a result I always plant too many and end up with this many tomatoes.  But in my defense, we throw very few away.

There's a few split ones here, because it was very dry then rained  a lot.  But they're all good.  Some have gone into passata, but some have been turned into Tomato Jam. 

I have made tomato jam for a few years now, but none has ever set before.  This one though, set a treat and is also delicious.   I made it from this recipe.

I also made some Marrow and Ginger Jam, which again is delicious

Here they all are happily getting along together!

Now I know that the labels are pathetic.  But let's face it, I'v never made anything worthy of a nice label before, so I don't have any twee little fruity, jammy labels.  I'm going to make another batch of tomato jam at the weekend, so I promise I'll try harder.

And lastly look at what my neighbour gave be straight off his tree and still warm from the sun

Now that I'm on a roll with the cooking,  what do you think I should make with these?

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  1. So excited to see the tomato jam. What is marrow and ginger jam? With those peaches I would just eat them. They look delicious. They's be gone here in a day or two. We love peaches.Our tree did the best ever this year but then we were out of town when all the peaches were ready so a lot fell to the ground and rotted.

  2. Eat the peaches and let the juice drip down your chin. Heaven! Any leftover? Make a pie.

  3. Oh yes, just eat the peaches, fresh from a tree......yum.

    I am useless at tomato growing but an old friend used to bung bagfuls into the freezer whole - they then used them in stews where you'd normally buy a tin.

  4. Make peach crisp! Easy to make, does not require a crust and delicious.

  5. I've never had tomato jam. I bet it is delicious! I might try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. I like your labels...they look very earthy and go with the handmade theme.

    I am not much of a baker either - hand me a hunk of meat and I can do wonders but anything cake or biscuit related gives me palpitations. Your tomato jam looks pretty darn good! Pat yourself on the back.

    Im voting for peach pie...or cobbler.

  7. Oh, eat the peaches, they are so wonderful just as they are! Very cool jams

  8. Oh your tomatoes look gorgeous.....and I love tomato jam and haven't had it for ages. The peaches look yum too. How lucky to be able to have all this lovely fresh produce.

  9. Anything fresh is fabulous - great favourite.
    Tomato jam is the best. Enjoy those peaches just as they are or chilled with ice cream - Yum!

  10. Tomato jam! For someone who doesn't cook you jumped in the deep end....well done :-) And eat the peaches, they look delicious!

  11. I think you should eat the peaches fresh, you probably have already! Aren't you clever I've only ever attempted to make strawberry jam. I've never heard of marrow and ginger jam but it sounds very intriguing. I think it's wonderful that you grow all this beautiful produce and then make lots of different things with them.

  12. I love my peaches stewed or poached and served with ice cream. A lovely summer dessert.
    You're doing very well with all those tomatoes. Keep up the good work

  13. Tomato jam..never had that...must try...and the peaches wouldn´t live through the day at my house.