30 September 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining

My poor husband has been virtually bedridden since Sunday.  His back "went" after spending the day raking and sewing grass seed, then raking again.  Ironically I couldn't do much as my back was hurting!   Afterwards he bent down to stroke the dog, stood up, and "bang" it went.   The downside is that I have to do double chores - all of my chores plus dog walking, and  god forbid, cooking.

The upside is that he has been in bed since, and as he is taking quite strong painkillers, he is virtually out of the game.  Which means, once the chores have been done (quickly and badly) I can do pretty much what I like.   Which means I've been sewing.  All day Tuesday, all Wednesday night and all last night.  So, for the first time ever I feel like I have achieved something.

Number 1

My Happy Days quilt is nearing completion. 

I spent most of the day on Tuesday quilting it.  I was undecided what to do.  I was going to straight line quilt on the diagonals, but in all honesty, there are a few very thin seams in places, and I felt they needed a bit of all over support.   Bit like me really!   A normal meandering FMQ didn't seem to suit, so I thought I'd have a go at a square boxey meander.   And I really enjoyed doing it.  I think it's worked quite well, although the quilting isn't perfect!  Where I got a bit over-excited, some of the angles aren't quite 90 degrees!

But I think it looks good with the angles of the windmills.  And by the end of the day I also managed to get the binding machine stitched on, so just got to hand stitch it, make a label and it's done. 

Then on Thursday I thought I'd make a few blocks for Karen at listen to the birds sing .

She's going to make them into quilts to take out to  Thailand for some kids who've got entangled in the sex trafficking trade.   Read about it here.   There's another 4 part made.

Then finally, inspired by all the wonderful things folks have made for the goodie swap, I dug this out and finished it.

In case of doubt, it an organiser of sorts.  I bought this super Czech Magazine called Marina, which contained about 12 sewing projects which were really nice.   It was a breath of fresh air because it was the first time I had really seen anything approaching "modern" here in the Czech republic.  Only trouble was it was in Czech, and some of the instructions were a bit dubious, even for a czech friend who I checked with (no pun intended).   I started making it about 9 months ago,  when I was less experienced now (Ha di ha ha - one needle case and she thinks she's Martha Stewart!) and wouldn't have done everything the same

But wait, what is this .....?

Guess which numpty left this out when sewing around the edges?   Follow my eyes!  Never mind, I didn't like it anyway - it was a bit clumpy.  I'll see how I get on, but I don't think it needs a fastener anyway. 

So I've had a good week, and I'm off now to do a bit more!   Maybe some farmers wife?
As I've had such fun this week (with my goodie swap, a qiveaway win, and lots of successful sewing) I'm going to link up with Favourite things Friday over at Quilting in my Pyjamas


  1. oh back pain, I can totally relate. It is a daily thing for me. That is why I spend every morning reading so many blogs, it takes my back a good 3 hours to prepare for the day. Hope hubs feels better soon. Your quilt looks lovely as do your blocks.

  2. Excellent week for you if not the OH! Hope his back repairs soon.
    Love the pinwheel quilt and your FMQ - I have a theory that you either tend towards angular or curvy when fmq-ing.......something to do with the brain.

  3. wow Di, crippling your man just to get more sewing time seems a bit drastic to me... or is it??? Quilt looks great, I'm loving the square quilting, and your organiser looks mighty useful :-)

  4. I love your silver lining!! You make me laugh. Just don't forget he is there and not feed him!! Love, love, love your Happy Days quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Oh, I'm sorry about your husband's back. Hope he feels better soon.
    Still, great about the silver lining. I just love your Happy Days quilt.

  6. Are you sure you didn't set your husband up? You sound positively delighted about the extra sewing time...he he

    Love those fabrics in the organiser. Very pretty! (even if you did make a slight boo boo - which I do with every single project I ever make so you aren't alone.

    The quilting on your windmills is positively gorgeous! Looks like you've had a brilliant week.