03 September 2011

Favourite things Friday

The choice for this post is dead easy.  I have a cardboard box full of fabric that was delivered to my friend in the UK, which I collected when I was over there.  I did splurge a bit, but I must've saved about £20-30 on postage, and I've never bought much before.   I bought with a few future projects in mind, some neutral mixers, some fun stuff, and some just because.....!   So let the fun begin

I bought this one with a quilt for our bedroom in mind.  I like this a lot, but it is a bit bluer than I thought.
Free Spirit Blossoming

I bought this one for the same quilt but once you put them together, I can see it doesn't work

Amy Butler Love
This one I bought for a quilt for the spare room.  I have an old silk panel at the window which has a lot of orange and blue.  Not too sure now but there are a lot of good fillers in it

Nottinghill by Fabric Freedom

Some yellows to go into the Farmers wife quilt

I have loved this fabric from the moment I saw it, and want to make a skirt.   So I treated myself to a metre to see if it's as good as I thought.  I have no idea why I thought a metre was a good idea - not enough to make a skirt but I could have just bought a FQ instead.   Never mind, I love it, and if I could remember where I bought it, I may get some more!

Nancy Mimms Organic Daisy
 Again, bought with my bedroom quilt in mind.  Nothing like the others!
In the beginning by Adelaide

Again I love this one, and it was in the sale so I treated myslef.  I have a friend who's daughter is expecting in December, so a quilt is on the drawing board for her.
Milli and me Little Menagerie

  No idea what to do with this but I love it!

Monkey Bizness Goo Goo Socks by Alexander Henry
 Some neutral fillers

I bought these to go in the Cathedral windows cushion cover I started.  But I have to take it apart and start again because I ran out of white and the replacement is a different colour. Idiot!
Riley Blakes Alphabet Soup - Green Beads and Green Circles
  I don't know what this is but I liked it and it was in the sale.

Add caption
And finally some kiddie stuff because I like making baby quilts - the one on the right is flannel.  I really want to back a quilt in flannel and this is beautiful
Dino Dudes from Michael Miller ,
Monkey Bizness Goo Goo Socks by Alexander Henry
Riley Blakes Flowers (Flannel)

So there you go, everything fabric wise that I bought.  I now see that the one's I bought to go together don't, which is a bit of a pig, and the range of fabrics is a bit random but I'm sure I'm not the first to do this.  If you buy from different shops on-line, you only have in your mind what the colours are like, and in reality they are different.   That's why I'm a fan of buying from the one range.   Also, if I could take them into a real shop, I could match some other fabrics with them, but that's not going to happen.  But they are good bases for adding to in the future......

All but one of the shops presented everything beautifully - I think you can see which ones look like they were thrown in the bag.   I know it doesn't matter because they get ironed, but it is nice to receive something nicely folded, tied with a ribbon and a little card!
Well that's all for my favourite things friday, which once again is a Saturday.   I started yesterday evening, but then a friend came round for a barbie and it never got finished.   Have a good weekend.  I have to go in to work today to prepare the office for my new assistant starting on Monday (Yipee).  Then we have to dig up a tonne of potatoes, but I am determined to grab a bit of time to get on with my mug rugs for the goodie swap. 


  1. Lots of pretty stuff there (I love the sock one too!!) I am the same I tend to like buying from one line online because then I know it matches. But like you said you can always use them as a base to buy more fabric... good excuse :)

  2. You shopped!!If you like flannels try http://www.seattlequiltcompany.com/ - in Aberdeen despite the name. Have only shopped with the at shows but they are very big on flannel.

  3. Great Haul!! The AH Goo socks is soooo cute! I too usually end up picking one or two that end up not matching, but hey, it builds the stash ;-)

  4. Wow! Well done on the shopping front. Impressive haul and some gorgeous fabric. I love those socks!

  5. ooh lovely, cant wait to see the results!

  6. A lot of great choices. Can't wait to see some projects.

  7. Lovely choices with lots of lovelies to add to your stash. I used to buy from the same line so that I knew they would match. Now I've bought so much I can usually find something in my stash that will go with whatever I have bought, lol. I also buy fabric and when it arrives 3 weeks later I can't remember why I bought it.
    I find Fabricworm http://www.fabricworm.com/fatqubu2.html
    is a really great place to look if you want to find fabric that goes together, they have photos of bundles of coordinating fabric in lots of different colour ways. You can then either buy one of their bundles or you can use them as a guide for fabric combinations.
    Hawthorne Threads also has a colour guide so that you can find fabric with the same or similar colour, but they don't have photos of the fabric.