27 September 2011

I told you so.....

That it's a beautiful day.  I've had a fabulous day all in all.

First of all I've been sewing just about all day.  I've done a few chores (de-frosted the freezer, washing, skinning tommies). But mainly I've sewn,  but more of that later.

At around 11:00, after my coffee, I nipped down to the post box to see of the postie had left me anything.  And she had - in fact there were two parcels (and some bills of course!).  Do you want to see what they were?

In alphabetical order:

I have received the most beautiful Mug Rug and matching goodies from Leah at Sew to Bed.     Just look at this

Isn't it just wonderful.  The colours are sooo me, and the piecing is just perfect.   I did spot this on flickr and Leah dropped a hint that it would remind her partner of "the old country".  I was really hoping it was for me, but then I realised there is at least one more ex-pat in this swap, so I thought it may not be mine.  And guess what - it is mine!

It came together with these two goodies

Leah didn't send the tomatoes - they get everywhere at the moment

These are also beautifully made, and, quite by chance, they exactly match a box I have on my dressing table

How on earth did you know Leah?
The box currently holds bits and bobs of jewellry, but I think it's going to have to move to the sewing room! 

And here's a picture of everything together, including some rather nice iced biscuits (yep, i've eaten them already!) and a prized possesion, a Twix bar.

Thank you again Leah - this is the first swap I've taken part in and this is my first pressie.   I couldn't have asked for anything nicer!

And the second parcel.  Well that was a prize I won from Karen at McGinty & Me.  

5 gorgeous fabrics from Lila Tueller's Santorini range , plus a book on organising a craft space (how useful is that going to be?) all wrapped up with some alphabet tape.   I think these fabrics will go well with some of these

and some of these

to make a quilt for our bed.   Thanks again Karen.

Well that's about me done now - I have made great progress today on my Happy days quilt, but that can wait for another day.  I think this was enough excitement for one day!   Thanks again to Leah and karen for making my day.


  1. Whoa..you have had a great day indeed! Love your goodies and what luck with the colour matching. So glad your 1st swap has been a good one.

  2. Aww sounds like you've had a fabulous day :-) Hope you get many more.

  3. What a terrific post day. I thought that mug rug might be for you too! And, yippee, it is!

  4. You certainly did have a beautiful day!

  5. WOW! What a lucky gal you are! That is awesome and your mug rug and goodies are wonderful! What a perfect match with your box!